Are the gold jerseys done?

With the introduction of the retro unis this year, does this mean the Ticats won’t wear their gold jerseys again anytime soon?

I hope so. I don't find them as ugly as I once did, but to me they still just don't look like Ticat jerseys.

I like them and Want to see them again this year

We have too many jerseys. The retro brings us up to 4.

I don't mind the retro jerseys once a year, say Labour Day but we should stick to our regular jerseys.

I hope they're done they are Fugly.

the gold jerzy's are awesome but maybe we should save them for special occations like say, a home playoff game? :wink:
and if we're going to have retro's we should really have away retro's too, i know the players didn't wear nameplates untill fairly recently (considering Ticat history), but i'm frairly certian we had dark, and light jerzy's in the 60's. just do it right, that's all i ask.

No more jerseys, we already have enough

If we never see the mustard abominations again I'll be happy. Not the worst I've seen, but on a short list of bad unis