Are the Esks interested in Boyd ?

Boyd is excited to be in Edmonton, thus Cory indeed feels pretty good [surprised? Yup] on how quick the whole thing went down. Hugh Charles is very good coming out of the back field and into the slot, thus has good hands on a few five yard dump passes that we've seen evolve for good yardage. Up the middle on hand-offs Hugh has been good so far [low to ground/an advantage being 5'9"] with kudos to the O-Line on making it happen. Boyd on the other hand gives the Offense a different perspective on the outside/in routes due to his size and running power. On that note; if Cory plays 1 Quarter or half a game, I think he's comfortable with that atleast for this season anyways. Boyd will wear #28...

LOL thank you for the compliment I have long been a fan of the CFL in general. I usually tend to lend my support to teams like the esks that on the surface seem to be a disaster but when you look a little deeper you can see a coach and his staff doing somehting special.

Start Charles and then work in Boyd in the first half.

Adjust in the second half based on how the defences are adjusting to either back.

Boyd also is a decoy in some situations when teams would think we would run.

Charles has been at times a good outlet and check-down option for a pass on first down.

I think thats exactly how it will go down each back will have a package of plays which will include everything you said. Charles without checking stats has also been one of their leading receivers that is a lot for one guy.
Boyd is also a good receiver for dump offs etc but the Toronto/Montreal/West coast offense is a different monster all together.

Imagine is the Esks put it a split back offense with both boyd and Charles in the backfield. Havent seen that in a long time no one would be prepared for that and Boyd as FB and Charles at HB would be perfect fits as the blocking would just be basic blocking skills.

The Esks have just bumped themselves up a notch as far as I can see with Boyds addition and their relience of the RB to carry a lot of the load on offense.

I can really see Jyles gaining some confidence out of this situation as he can also attack using his legs.

I am very excited to see the game friday at Commonwealth another 40,000 plus may be on hand even without salt and pepper at the hlftime show. Boyd and Charles could go together like peanut butter and Jelly.