Are the Esks interested in Boyd ?

The Esks have been looking for help at RB as Hugh Charles is carrying a lot of the load both running and receiving. They are running a ball control offense with a lot of running. Certainly Boyd would fit the bill for a strong RB to go with Charles a more rouunded receiver scat back. At this pace Charles is going to were down. Boyd could be key for the Esks running the ball for gains on first downs setting up good second an short situations where Charles can run and catch. There would be plenty of touches for both while keeping them both fresh enabling the Esks offense to move the chains, keep the other teams offense off the field and control time of possesion keeping thier #1 defense fresh going into the 4th qtr every game.

I sure hope we're interested, funny thing is the Ray trade may have been better accepted if Boyd was part of it.

According to Chris O’Leary’s twitter (from the Edmonton Journal) the Esks do have interest in Boyd.

Well Cory would look good in Green & Gold; wish Boyd all the best none the less.

There is a rumor that Edmonton just signed Boyd. Is this true or just rumor

True it is.

Edmonton is bringing in Boyd for a look apparently. If indeed he is a locker room distraction they may not want him. Hugh Charles is playing great but they have 0 RBs behind him. Signing Boyd wold give them that provided that he behaves himself. Boyd may have had toubles in Toronto's Locker room but they were always losing during his time. Playing for a winning team does change a players attitude and the esks ar3 4-2 and they could use a second RB before Charles wears down

Upon passing a physical; a contract will be signed.

I wonder if he can play QB?

Great move by Tillman. Even if Boyd has a complete meltdown and never plays one game in Edmonton, it costs the Eskimos nothing to sign him.

Edmonton is the perfect fit for Boyd. Toronto couldn't seem to figure out that Boyd's strength is running the ball and insisted on using him as a receiver out of the backfield. I don't expect it'll take Marcus Cradell too many weeks to realize that.

If you've got a great defence and a dominant running game, you can get by with a mediocre QB. Winnipeg almost showed that last year until injuries wiped out their running game.

Jyles being in Toronto late last year knows some of the goods on Cory; Crandell will work thru it I say.


I’m sort of on the fence. On one hand, it’d be great to have a dominant run game (not just because our run game has been inconsistent over the last… who knows how long lol), but it’d be nice to have a team built like the Steelers or Ravens. You get that fourth quarter lead and just hand it off, hand it off, hand it off. And it’d also take some of the pressure off of Jyles. What makes me a little less excited than I was before is some of the comments that are coming out about Boyd’s attitude. If these are true… oy. But I guess it doesn’t cost us anything. If he doesn’t work out, we cut our losses.

Well here I am on checking the CFL site at 1am… annnnd the Eskimos sign Cory Boyd… like what?? I guess good things do happen late at night… I dont see him playing much against Montreal, but if everything goes well, he does his physical, learns the offense efficiently, I see him definitively ready for the week after… Im really excited to see what the next 2 weeks brings us in Edmonton… This is a steal… Welcome Cory… youll be wearing the best looking uniforms in the CFL, along with playing with the best team in the CFL so far. :thup:

Guys, when Jyles manages the game as he did against BC and the Riders the second time around, we win. The critical point is for Jyles to commit or facilitate no turnovers of his own fault (i.e. you can't stop a tipped pass by a receiver or a foolish fumble by a loose ball carrier). If even one is committed that does not result in a TD, we still win too.

This signing of Boyd will only help our offence, for he is more of a dual threat than is Charles, but for the life of me I can't figure out how this signing will be worked out with the game day roster for sake of the ratio. Where do we lose on defence, for we sure as hell can't give up any imports on offence?

Esks release NI Hargreaves.

I'm not sure why you posted this news in the Boyd thread, but I won't miss that guy.

Don't know where else to put, although it's freeing up cap $$$$.

Well my thread came true and as many mentioned this would be the best situation for Boyd. Charles will still start but he now has a change up power back to help carry the load. At the rate that Charles was being used he would have worn down before seasons end. Not only was he carrying the running load but a lot of the receiving load. Boyd will add that Power back to Edmonton which will fit nicely into the ball control offense.
Jyles has already been interviewed about Boyd and says they were close friends with the Argos and never had any problems with each other, good news for Edmonton.
Edmonton will now be able to add a power package to their offense for Boyd. Charles will be able to focus on being the starting all around back that he has been and both he and the Esks will know in the 4th qtr with a lead they will be able to use boyd and the power package to grinde out the clock.
As for the ratio it appears like that will not be any problem at all they have a lot of NI depth and boyds addition should not affect any of the starters or key players on defense.
It looks good to go

Not sure about the Defense on giving up Imports [I feel the D will not be affected]; Prude has been cleared to play by the teams doctors by the way. As for the Offense; not confirmed as of yet, but WR Dobson Collins [Import] may be the odd man out and added onto the practise roster. Boyd may suit up against Montreal, if not Cory will play vs Toronto. :thup:

CFL Steve, your analysis is solid. Hey come on over to the Eskimo side!?

C'mon you are a natural fan of our team and you know it and there's no hiding it! Come out of your igloo. :lol:

We welcome you.