Are the Eskimos done??????????????

Is it just me or have the Eskimos never recovered from their playoff loss to the Riders last year! There is something just not right with the once mighty Eskimos???? or is it just me??

It is just you.
Eskimos will be in the Grey Cup.
They will however lose to my Argos.
Is it just me,or are the riders going to miss the playoffs.

We'll see what happens in the Montreal game.

Don't count out the Esks yet. The Esks are a talented team and just haven't gotten it together yet. Only half way through the season and wouldn't count any team in the West out yet.

You want a forecast? The Als will score 45 points but will lose nonetheless.

Still, the Eskimos are the Argonauts' bltches!


Third_And_Ten must have gone crazy by not seeing Montreal in first place for weeks. :shock:

Edmonton is done like dinner baby! :smiley:

Once Edmonton gets rid of Lancaster junior, they'll return to form.

A big hole i see is when the Esks get within the 40 we have no reliable field goal kicker to get the 3 points , if Ray doesnt punch it in we punt! now thats sad. I love my Esks but we have problems right now, we need some sort of a run game, any kind! those shovel passes were working lets use those more often! our D is strong, some bad form tackling led to some long td's but i dont see any problems with the D right now, they need to work on form tackling and not letting the receivers get behind them so much. Argos played well, it was my first time to see Damon Allen play, it was pretty cool to see him and i got to meet pinball, he is one helluva cool guy. Anywho, Esks got to get it together versus Montreal or we will have some big problems!


are the eskimos done? thats a little crazy. The eskis on Sat played like crap yet still were in 4 points of winning. They have the best D in the leauge and if Blind ole dave Yule called holding EVER they would have won that game. They shut down toronto and Allen all game long. I have no concerns on that side of the ball. The offense I think is just a bit ( a little bit off) Do I have concerns, Yes. The biggest concern I have is Maccocias on feild play calling. first he is slower than snot. He waits a long time to start signalling the play in( the first time count call of that two in a row was entirly on him rickyt didn't have the play until there was 9 secs left on the play clock.) this has been a problem all year. Second He seems to call stupid plays again and again even when they don't work. ( he called the play with the fullback leaking out to the sideline being the primary receiver 4 times in the 1st half for a total of maybe 5 yards). Third the no running game. I don't really know if elvis joseph or mclendon are good enough. They don't get the ball nearly enough. Thats the play calling. Overall I think the esks are probably the most talented team in the league and are only a little bit away from showing it

Ah, don’t count the Eskimos out. They are not done! This is week 10 coming up! No-one is done in week 10. Even if you’'re 0-8. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do think McClendon and Joseph are good backs. McClendon averaged 5 and some yards per carry when he was in the game. I would like to see what he could do with 18-20 carries. The shovel passes seem to work every time.

The playcalling can be ALOT better. I think Danny Maciocia is a good coach. He needs to run the ball more. 5 carries will never show how good a running back is. And calling play actions!? That takes an extra 2 seconds, and mostly everytime they tried it out of the I formation, or singleback against the Argos, there would be a guy in Ricky Ray’s face! Now it did work from the shotgun, maybe do that a couple more times. I remember once they did that and immediately threw the ball to Kwame Cavil over on the sidelines for an 11 yard gain. That was nice. AND WHO WOULD DECIDE TO PASS THE BALL TO MIKE MAURER IN THE FLATS!? You know he SUCKS. They should pass to Bertrand when they wanna do that. He did a great job that one catch in the flats and then turned it to the middle for a 10 yard gain.

The Eskimos are not done. They’re probably the best team in the league, if they dont go in Self-destruct mode.

Remember, this is almost a brand new team. 18 new starters this year. I do think they will turn it up in the second half of the season, and when Ed Hervey is back for the final 3 or 4 games and the playoffs… watch out.

Half a season does not a year make. As far as I am concerned the Esks are suffering from a lack of coaching, which has resulted in the lack of a running game, no creativity on offense and a porous OL.

I believe in Maciocia, keep Keply and Winston and Hunter. Give the DC job to Dennis Winston and see what he can do with it. Get rid of Lancaster and Hughie's kid and bring in another OC or better yet, Maciocia will handle the OC duties.

There have been a lot of changes, but that's not the problem. These guys are pro's. The problem is discipline and mistakes. Maciocia needs to start sitting guys that continue to take stupid penalties and continue to make stupid mental mistakes. Sorry Danny, but ya can't be the head coach and the player's buddy at the same time. Pick one or the other.

This should have been done after week 2 when we started seeing the nonsense. I am willing to see us go through what we should have done in the first month of the season knowing that we will still have a shot at the playoffs. I would rather see us going into the playoffs with the team playing strong aggressive disciplined mistake free football than have us continue with this keystone cops predictable wannabe team. If that means losing a few more here while we right the ship, so be it. Hell, there's a pretty good chance we may lose the next 3 anyway!

If Maciocia wants to keep living his dream next season he better get out of the fantasy world he's in at the moment and start doing some things to get this team headed in the right direction. We all know where he will end up should the Esks miss the playoffs.


  • a very honest analysis Supertoe, you have dissected your team very well. There is just not the same confidence or something evident with the Esks this year. As many of you have said , the talent is definetly there but is the comraderie, belief in the coaches, and other intangibles that become so important when teams face adversity as they all eventually do. I smell lack of something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule cuz they beat the Esks in the playoffs last year!!

.... if the once mighty green and gold lose to Montreal it may be over for this year!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO the Esks need to get their running game going, this starts with their oline, which to me hasnt looked as good as it has in the past. Ray has been getting a lot of heat and taking some big hits because of it.

Ummm...... you need a running back and make an attempt at running the ball.....the Eskies fail on both accounts.

.......the eskimos are NOT done.......they are merely basting, with their innards still pink, Montreal will add some tenderizing and special spices next week and they'll be DONE on Sept5th, ready for carving.........mmmmmmmmm.......gravy.........

playoffs 2005
Winnipeg27 Edmonton14
Winnipeg 34 BC 21

Toronto 23 Calgary(crossover) 16
Toronto 6 Ottawa 19

Winnipeg 52 Ottawa 49

thats the way it's gonna be. I am Psychic.

.......well your something alright, I'll go review my university medical manuals bubba and get back to you.......

I can see getting rid of Lancaster cause I'm not sure what he does but what is everyones problem with rick campbell. Just because he is hughs son doesn't mean he is unqualified. he had coaching jobs in football before he came to the esks 5 Years AGO.I have no problems with what the D coaches have done this year. The D side is the shining light of this team and I believe rick ids a big part of that. Now on offense thats different. I'm not happy with their performances but I really don't think they are that far off.