Are the Eskimos Broke

What's with all these teams resigning their potential free agents. Are the Esks offers to these guys, a couple months before free agency, not high enough to lure them from there current teams? Sound like there may be a financial crisis in Edmonton. :lol:

doubt it as the Esks had the highest average attendance by far in 2014, and not uncommon year by year.

and if they are in financial difficulty, that would mean the rest of the league is beyond broke.

I doubt it, I think more likely when you have a new head coach, he wants his guys in and there is a certain reluctance to sign/resign certain players.

Besides, a home playoff game is typically a money maker if you break 22k (of which the Esks did 26 and change.)

and low and behold.

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Look, it's almost as though Taleback is accusing the Eskimons of tampering.

Guess they missed the smilie, the fact is that the Esks must stay within the confines of the SMS like every other team is supposed to so despite the attempt at humour, the Esks are just fine, financially.

It's between the Riders and Esks as the richest franchises.

In a word; no.

End of calendar year signings can have a lot to do with money being left under that year's salary cap allowing bonuses to be front loaded in 2015 and beyond contracts. Perhaps the Esks were closer to the cap and have less to spend until the new year.

It is pretty common to not see a pile until the new year, and if the Esks are broke the league may as well fold...or every single person in the Esks office way should they be cash strapped.

Hooollllyyy. With all these responses defending the Esks financial position I guess I will chalk this one up to an attempt at being Turkey2 gone bad. :cry:

nah...tis a slow off-season observation. Sometimes the mind just wants a big story...happens to everyone.

Didn't they just get done putting all new modern seating in the stadium? That does not sound like a broke team to me. Seems to be the case with a good amount of money left over, reinvesting it into your product as not to have too much money left over.
Locking in some major players now while they have extra money under the cap for bonuses also does not lend to not having any cash flow.

Let's look at some facts - the infra structure has a great deal invested by city - ie . The. 150 million dollar field house and a large junk towards the change of seats over the last couple,of,years . Remember the. Esks owned for awhile the triple. A baseball team and sold to Nolan Ryan who moved them to Texas - a pile of money was made .
Now the Esks are not rolling in money thru the football operations - they are now known as a penny saver team - Eric Tillman frustrated had to trade Ricky Ray and his 500thousand salary for 150,000 salary qb in Jyles - to try to get money for other skilled positions , don't be surprised if Stamps and his. 200,000 salary
Are gone this off season or an attempt at a restructured contract In The 110-125,000 range . Bowman is now the knighted new go to guy and at approx 95,000 per year he is a 100 thousand saving .
What is going to happen when Reilly ask to go to 400-450 thousand per year from his base of about. 225,000 plus -
Will he be sent on a one way ticket to another club let's hope not with the added cap dollars with the new agreement one has to believe they will sign him.
The big dollars the Esks once had are now invested or had to be spent - just like the once mighty Heritage fund Alberta once had - it's a new day and the Esks do not hold the bag of gold as they once did .

Arash, stop it...

What a waste money to reinvest into a 30 year old oversized stadium... They would of been better off to of bulldozed the stadium and rebuilt Clarke Stadium with a capacity at 28k with an ability to expand to 38-45K for a cup.
This being said.. All Eastern teams should cap their capacity to 24k and all Western teams at 28 K... The Riders are being as foolish as the Bombers if they make their capacity more than 28k.

The Eskimos are putting 23 mil into renos. In what fantasy world is building a new stadium a fiscally viable alternative?

The bombers have been setting franchise records in attendance, last year aside. Pretty impressive for the team they have had, so anything resembling success will translate very well.

The Riders presently have a waiting list for season tickets, so that makes zero sense at all.

----------The joke.

---------- Everybody but CRFadmin's head.

Really guys?

Well done Taleback … apparently a WHOLE bunch of people missed the “tongue in cheek”! :lol:


who let's this crap stand?