Are the dominoes starting to fall?

Now Printers wants Rays salary. Does Casey deserve it to? Casey didn't win the GC cup, but his numbers were awesome and he has an MOP to show for it. What will Buono do with Printers. I know what he should do...give him up to us. I'm sure the Lion fans will have something to say about this.

…I thought yesterday’s news would impact this issue…all along Wally is saying ‘you ain’t worth it yet buddy’ and now Casey can point to RR and say 'he wasn’t even in the league last year and commands this kind of money!"…I dont expect Wally to roll over though…he’ll adopt the ‘I don’t care how dumb the eskimos are for paying that kind of money, here’s what you are worth to me’ attitude…watch the sparks fly…

let him go. he will not make the roster of an nfl team at this point. if he wants to damage his career while padding his ego let him. and if he does manage to hold a clipboard in the states i hope he has fun because he won't throw another football.

Did I miss something? When did Printers wade into all this?

In Montreal, we don't have that kind of problem. Here, both Ted White and Tavares Bolden sit quietly with their mouths shut hoping Jim Popp won't notice they are still on the payroll...

I suspect Printers will play the Frito-Ray card in his negotiations with the Lions but does one successful season a 'SUPERSTAR' way. If the salary demands by a guy like this are met, the future of this league looks bleak. Up pops the question....wel if we don't pay him he''ll flee to the NFL.....I SAY LET HIM GO.. ...where is he going to find work and with what terrific least Ray has a Grey Cup ring and he didn't make it down there. Sorry Casey, you have to log a little more time in the CFL. to be worth what you are asking....and after proving you can take your team all the way....then maybe a fat contract. Till then I hope the Lions play Dickenson....and forget about Printers. :!:

Let's see:

In two seasons Ray has had two Grey cup appearances, one MVP and one championship.

Printers has one Grey cup appearance and one MVP. See what's missing?

If Printers wins the Lions a Grey Cup this year, then he has a point. So far he's proved he's really good, but hasn't proved he's as good as Ray (yet).

......I don't think riding the pine for a Grey Cup can really be called an 'appearance'......that drops Casey even more........

it doesn't help your resume when you are healthy yet your coaches don't think you deserve the touch the ball in the big game. how will he sell that down south. "oh it was the coaches fault... i could have done better" yeah i think they will just take his word on that.

Printers is still under contract though, right? All he needs to do is go out and set the league on it's ear, lead his team back to the grey cup and win it this time and he will be playing Ricky's cards.

Just for the record, I think the Esks are paying Ricky Ray too much money but had they not spent that much he would have gone to Toronto or Hamilton and after what happened with John Avery there was no way Campbell was going to get outbid this time. It also didn't hurt that he and Maciocia are tight. Ya, I do agree they need to address this issue so that we can continue to have parody in the league for years to come.

Me and my buddy love Ted White! He should be a linebacker, not a QB. I love watching him play!

I know what you mean. I'd appreciate watching him play too if he wasn't playing for the Als. He's like a clueless mountain. He can probably throw twice as far as any other QB. But this far, I guess you can't see the jersey's color of the guy you're aiming at.

ThirdandTen, you missed something....Tavares Bolden was released a few weeks ago..........not surprised you missed it actually; whoever heard of the guy anyway?

.......supertoe, I believe Printers cannot deal with any other team, so yes he is under contract in the CFL exclusively with BC, but his agent has hinted that he would rather sit out and head to the NFL once it starts then accept a less-than-perfect deal.......

....and KK, I stand behind my statement.......all the foreplay in the world means nothing if you don't play in the Big Game........couldabeens, shouldabeens mean nothing to a prospective buyer of talent..........I think he could've made a differnce seeing that DD wasn't getting the job done and in all my memoriy of watching years of Wally-ball here in Cowtown I don't understand what Buono was thinking......afraid he might hurt DDs feelings?.....WTF cares, it's for all the marbles.......

I think everyone realized Buono blew the QB call in last year's Grey Cup game except for Wally himself.

But yeah, I read the article on about Printers' agent whining about how much Printers is worth and how they will go to the NFL if BC doesn't give him a huge raise. We can't even blame the players in the CFL - it's their slimy agents who are trying to ruin all pro sports.

Friggin’ right! Amen brother.

I’ll drink to that.

Printers is still under contract. He has stated that if there is no contract by training camp, he will explore his options at the end of the season. Two weeks ago he was still on crutches at the news conferance from his turf toe surgery. He is being very diplomatic, and saying all the "Team" things, and letting his agent do the "dirty" work.

I feel confident (Time will tell if I'm right) Dickenson and Printers can work together, and the contract thing will sort itself out.

Besides, when Dickenson goes down with his next injury, Casey will be there to hoist the cup in front of his home town fans!

[quote="blackdale"]it doesn't help your resume when you are healthy yet your coaches don't think you deserve the touch the ball in the big game. how will he sell that down south. "oh it was the coaches fault... i could have done better" yeah i think they will just take his word on that.[/quote

In the case of the Grey Cup maybe Buono didn't PLAY Printers so the Lions didn't have to PAY Printers. In other words keep a Grey Cup win off his resume. It's not as far fetched as you may think. Especially when you already have DD for the big game. Buono knows the great talent Printers brings to the team and he still has him for 1 year and an option. Buono wanted to win the Grey Cup game with Dickenson who already had the big contract. It's interesting that Buono is negotiating his own contract right now, as well. I hope it has a bone-head clause in it so if the Lions make it to the Grey Cup again with an MVP quarterback, the MVP gets to play at least one set of downs.

In any case, a reliable source says Printers has already stated that if he moves he would like to play for Toronto. I think the source was Marty York. :smiley:

still don’t think the nfl will buy that excuse. coach didn’t let me play because i would have won the championship and they would need to pay me more??? i wouldn’t buy that if i were them. a grey cup victory is more valuable than that to a coach. if he ends up to pricey you trade him for something you need which for bc was not another qb. now without wynn as a backup it might be if they lost printers