are the DB's Edmonton just cut worth a look from Hamilton?

Craver was a starter last year for Edmonton, wasn't he? And wasn't Williams an up-and-comer? Can any knowledgable Eskimo fan please tell me if it would be worth Hamilton's while to pick one or both of these DB's up for Training Camp?

Don't know much about Williams.........but wasn't Craver one of the guys beaten by Stegall on that last play long bomb TD? (not that I'm saying you can judge a player by just one play mind you).

Craver had plans of going to the NFL, but he wasn't very impressive last year. It was pretty obvious he wasn't going to make the team.

Williams on the other hand baffles me a bit. He was one of the most impressive players in the Eskimo training camp last season, hence why he made the team. He saw limited action though, only playing in 4 games. He has some NFL experience, and looked pretty good in those four games IMO. He did however get injured in a game against Toronto when he landed on his shoulder awkardly and messed up his rotator cuff. He apparantly claims that he has since fully recovered from the injury. I'd be willing to bet he at least gets invited to camp by another CFL team, and would be a fanastic pickup IMO. Most Eskimo fans agree that he would have probably been competing with Jonte Buhl for one of the STARTING spots in the Eskimos secondary.

i thought kraver was goin to arena football