Are the Cats for Real?

Okay the Cats have a perfect record at home in the new Tim Horton's Field at 5-0 albeit games they won just by slight margins and than the games they played on the road this year in the east in Toronto and Montreal.

Since Zach's return the offence has been anything but stellar because this team still has not learned as an offence to take control of a game and until they do they will be a team that either barley gets by or loses more games. I say the offence, because the Cats defence this year has made great strides and has gone from the basement of the CFL to the top three, that's a great rebound over previous years. Our special teams have played good solid football for the past few seasons.

Our offence still needs a lot of work before this team goes anywhere in the CFL and can certainly compete with the likes of Calgary or even Montreal in the East.

Our home record since Labour Day is great our away record stinks unfortunately a good professional team like Calgary can win at home or on the road it makes No difference!!!

This is a young team and this is Zach's first season as a starter. As Austin pointed out in his post game remarks, he still has a ways to go and more to learn.

Conversely, at the beginning of the season Drew Willy was hailed as the next great one in Winnipeg. They got off to a 6-1 start. Now, they may miss the playoffs and Willy got repeated boos from HIS OWN FANS last night.

This is a Hamilton team on the rise. Yesterday was a step back for them.

Take heart, the season is not over.

Do members of the Cats marketing department post on this site?

Turd-polishing, rose-coloured-glasses threads like this make me wonder....

It was not Hamilton's finest hour. The season is not over.

Sorry, if I'm not subscribing to your "all is lost" "sky is falling" thinking.

We have a great team and they are for real, I truly believe if we can get Petey Dyakowski PeterBUILT is the key to the O line Puzzle my friends :cowboy:

Yeah, the ticats are for real but they have shown they are not a great team yet. Losing the Ballard cup,(2 to the blue team in the last 3 weeks really sucks!) But this team can turn it around and win out in the last two weeks. Maybe get some revenge on TO in the playoffs.

I'm quite surprised to see a great cheerleader like yourself write this way. I'm not saying you're wrong but just
thinking you would be a little more optimistic. As old fan says, they're a young team with a young QB and they still
have much to learn.

My main problem with the team for several seasons has been the "O" line. I don't think the
addition of Pete Dyakoswski at guard will make a lot of difference if he were to finally come back this year. I'm sure
his timing will be off and he'll need several games to regain his former stature. Is there any talk of him playing
this year?

Another problem I have with this team (and this is a guess) is complacency. I think some of these boys spend
too much time reading their own press clippings after a home game. They're not as good as they may think.

Hamilton is competitive now. But they are a young team. I don't think they needed to go that young but that is the choice the team made. Will it pay off ? Not sure ,with 1+1 contracts it will depend on the team's ability to retain the players they bring in AND resisting the urge to sign every shiny thing that comes on the market.

Would Marwan been more useful to this team than the arrogant Plessius or Giguere who's in his last year? You decide.

It's a little late in the season to be talking about having a lot to learn I think. There is some great talent here but the imature penalties are troublesome I dont think that is something that can turn around after 15 games.

" the arrogant Plessius or Giguere" - Huh?

What makes you say Plesius is arrogant?

Yes the cats are For Real real bad that is

No Online it been the problem all year
A OC and Head coach who has no balance to there play calling

now have win out a pray and The odds are not great

But there a slim chance to get the east Semi not not east final

They blow that with two losses to the double blue .

Hamilton best chance for National Title is MAC …

Our complicated, complex offence seemed pretty easy to stop in the first quarter! :expressionless:

We are young and it shows. I think the biggest problem is that we cannot close a team out and that means run the ball in the fourth quarter with a lead. We finally did that two weeks ago. Our stats were not great for the entire game but we finished.

This week we brought Olsen back in and Figurea (sorry I cannot remember how to spell it) switched back to the right side. It did not work in the first quarter but was much better in the rest of the game but because we were down 15 we needed to pass or at least the Coaches felt they had to pass more.

I agree that we need more of a running game but remember my friends Grigsby had what two or three practices? Madu got hurt again. Also Grigsby leads the CFL in receptions I believe by a running back.I think we will see a much better run game this week and against Montreal, I sincerely do, after Grigsby gets another week of practice in. It may still be a combination of run/screen, flats to Grigsby but whatever the case may be another week will make a huge difference. I believe we will put a hurting on Ottawa and Montreal will not stand a chance in a completely open and full THF the last game of the season.

Yes, I am an hopeful!


The Cats are a good team but just don't have that finishing killer instinct yet....I don't care what the call is the blitz or addition pressure throws the game plan of the opposition out the window....but for some reason they insist in playing off a fair amount...Maybe they are waiting for the game against or die...Oh yes...I wouldn't look past Ottawa to quickly either....Cheers fans.