Are the Canadian rules hurting the product?

When I argue with people who dislike the CFl they say that there is too much kicking , the three downs hurts the flow of the game and they cannot understand all the movement before the ball is snapped . If we kept the same players who are just fine as far as I can see and used NFL rules like 4 downs the offence would stay on the field longer and have better drives however it would kill the uniqueness of our game .

Open to debate .

 I love it the way it is  but is the three downs hurting our on field  product ............................ . If we went four downs is it the end or a new beginning.


3 downs provides a better flow and pace.

4 downs leads to slower, plodding conservative play calling.

No but the refs sure are.

Agree. I really like the strategy of field position and the importance it plays in the Canadian game and this is where kicking is very important. 4 downs as well is simply too easy for a pro game.

For some, maybe. But for me, it's the exact opposite.

I find NFL games to be less exciting. Part of that is that I don't have a horse in the race - most of the time, I really don't care who wins. But mostly it's because there just aren't as many options available in the American games - less room for receivers, runningbacks, and quarterbacks to get open. Also, I find there's not as much urgency in the American game - so what if you only got a couple of yards on first down, there's always second and third to get the rest. And the longer play clock means there's more time with players standing around getting ready for plays, and less time actually running plays. And the American kicking game is just plain boring.

Just my opinion, of course.


Your friends are ignorant.

They like the aesthetic of American football because for whatever reason, that is what they were brought up on and that is what they expect watching football.

What is the best aesthetic is a personal subjective choice. There are no objective means to assert whether a game with more or less kicking, more or less motion or more or less playing area is better or worse. Canadian and American football are sports of the same vintage which evolved in parallel. Neither is the absolute standard of gridiron football.

I would wager American football is the simpler game. Ever more so does it focus on the scrimmage portion of the game by having long, drawn out drives aided by 4 downs, having all but eliminated kick-offs, having the fair catch or downed balls on punts and dead balls on almost every missed field goal. This allows a few superstars on the starting lineup to take more prominent roles giving way to simple fantasy leagues and gambling promotions.

I prefer the aesthetic of Canadian football as most on the Tiger-Cats/CFL forums would.

There’s no denying that the NFL has become a juggernaut of a TV product. Very slick production.

I love both CFL and NFL.

NFL = ball possession
CFL = field position

Considereing that neither league has gone broke indicates there is a market for both. Watch and enjoy both.

True enough, it's nice having both and seeing the different strategies employed by teams. I find it very interesting how and when the run is used in Canadian football and the pass in American football with the image some people still have that the run isn't important in Canadian football and the pass not important in American football.

This feels like trying to fix something that isn't broken.

Maybe, I'd change the rules to encourage teams to develop Canadian QBs.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well, first if you just add an extra down, you really give the offense a huge advantage in the Canadian game. The Canadian game is much more a passing league then a running league because a run play needs 5 yards realistically to be successful and recievers have a LOT more leeway.

If you add an extra down, fundamentally you are going to make the reciever posistion less valueable and the Linebacker/D.Lineman posistion much more important. It wouldn't be the end of the world, the game would go on, but a unique aspect would be loss and you'd turn the game into a bit more of a short gain oriented game on offence vs the pass heavy flying game it is now.

Second, as far as backfield's how I would explain it to your friends. It's unlimted, do whatever the heck you want behind the line. That alone opens up so many more play choices and forces so much harder defensive play then one guy at one time being allowed motion.

How about 4 downs and 10 metres? Just kidding - but my 8 year old nephew did ask me when I took him to his first Ti-Cats game a couple of years ago - 'What's a yard?'.

Was that before or after you bought him a "foot long" :lol: :cowboy: :slight_smile:

As long as the best players are not allowed to play, the CFL will be prevented from reaching its full entertainment potential. You cannot achieve a more entertaining product using less-talented players.
You want a more exciting and entertaining product? Start by letting the best players play.

That's a good way of looking at it.

and seeing how NFL Europe did, we know there isn't a market for NFL lite up here in canada.

there's plenty of other ways to get your four down fix whether its watching on sunday or picking up saturday college ball.

there's a market for the CFL and to make it more NFL like would deaden interest in the markets that care now, not grow it in the ones that don't

I'm not even remotely advocating for changing Cdn football to four downs, but I completely disagree with the last sentence. It was indeed true at one time, but you don't have to watch very many NFL games nowadays to see that "slow," "conservative" and "plodding" are not part of most teams' offensive repertoire. In some ways the NFL has eclipsed the CFL in terms of aggressive play-calling, fast pace and high-powered passing attacks. That's heresy to some on these forums, but I believe it to be true (and for the record I am a huge, lifelong CFL fanatic).

The difference is that kicking is an exciting part of the CFL. Chris Williams, Gizmo, Pinball, Owens etc make a punt an exciting play. No fair catch, no downing of punts also contribute to this.

The NFL rules make the kicking game boring. But, even still, the most exciting play in the Super Bowl was a kick return.

.....................NO !!!!!!!!!!

Could you clarify your response tc23. :stuck_out_tongue: