Are the Bombers really a 2nd place team?

Edmonton - 6th
Toronto - 7th
Hamilton - 8th

The Bombers have only beaten the bottom three teams in the league.

They've lost every game to teams ranking any higher then 3rd last.

What does that say about the Bombers?

It says they still have more wins than six other teams.....

That's obvious. But when they've played against a team other then a bottom feeder they've been beaten. And beaten badly.

and those teams are "bottom feeders" cause WPG beat them

Bombers get another freebie this week against Hamilton.

After this week, I think the Bombers will be in for some competition to which I don't think they'll be able to stand up.

You have to hand it to EE he is correct! The Als were the only real test for them and they lost both! They have played teams with their second string QB in the line up! But they have a good record so far but soon they will be tested! :o But you can not say they did not play the Als fairly well!

look at it this way
If WPG looses you see they cant pass the test!
If they win you say they haven't been tested.

Again the reason the "bottom feeders"are on the bottoms is cause they lost to Wpg

well if they didnt beat the 1st place team, i guess that makes them a 2nd place team :?

Makes sence to me BigGreen, we'll lose some football games this year, hopefully not the last two or three...n if we play 500 football till then, were in good shape..

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You have to lose more than one game to end up as a bottom feeder. These teams have lost to more than just Winnipeg, they've lost to everybody. So I can see where he's coming from... I think the Bombers are for real, personally. But I can see his point. It's possible they'll start sliding when their sched gets tougher.. we'll have to wait and see.

and another thing, there's nothin wrong with being a 2nd place team :slight_smile: it could be worse :stuck_out_tongue: a last place team :wink: :lol:

True dat. :lol:

No doubt Galgary4life, we have built our war machine n we will march into the West…what ever happens I think we’ll witness some great tilts…Bombers vs The Stamps can’t wait…

Neither can we. I can't wait to see Joffrey show up "sir" Charles. :twisted:

Not going to happen 4life...we'll run the ball down the Stamps throat..all night long , of course..

hahhaha... I love it. Can't wait. I just hope our recievers decide to play, then we'll make a real game out of it.

Who are all these great teams that the Bombers could have played? Is it the Lions who lost to Edmonton? The Riders who lost to Toronto? How about the Stamps who lost to Hamilton? My point is that we really won't know who stands where until everyone finally gets a crack at each other. Until then, the team with the 2nd best record is in fact the 2nd place team (for whatever award that merits). Don't blame us that the schedule was made in 20 minutes. :wink:

Ya I was wondering about that myself. there are no teams with [articularly amazing records other tha nthe als and bombers. The stamps have not played particularly great this year, the riders have been on and off all year and the lions look to be on the upswing but to say tha the bombers have not been tested is not a fair assessment. Just as an example the esks 2-4 record includes 2 losses to the bombers and 1 to the als so the esks look like a bottom feeder right now because theyve had to play the bombers