Are the Bills for real?

Down 21-3 at halftime and won the game, wow! Love the look of the Ralph, that's a football stadium, not the Rogers Centre.

I've been a season ticket holder since 1991 and I thought I had seen it all at The Ralph, but after todays game now i've seen EVERYTHING. Wow, what a game! I'm starting to Billieve... :rockin: Let's Go Buffalo!

3 downs or 4 downs, in the end both can have some very, very exciting finishes.

And if the NFL ever gave up on The Ralph to put the team in Toronto at the RC with no guanttees of a new football specific NFL stadium in Toronto, I would say boo, hoo on you NFL you wimps and money suckering scumbags.

I haven't been following it that close but I wonder what implications it may have with the Bills in Toronto game this year. If Buffalo does have a strong season and are in contention for a playoff birth come Oct 30, I bet a lot of people in Buffalo are going to be pretty pissed about having a crucial home game being played in a city that has proven that they don't really care about it. Although I bet Rogers is over the moon right now about the prospects of finally getting a sellout as everyone in Buffalo scrambles to buy tickets for it.

Yup, the Bills fans in Buffalo and NY state and Ontario that haven't ponied up for tickets in the past due to a crappy team will want to make sure that the game in Toronto truly is a home game if the Bills continue to play well, agree.

I LOVE how this Bills in Toronto deal has worked out. The Bills made a boat load of money, Toronto embarasses themselves yet again, the NFL is NOT coming to Canada, and each year I sell my tickets for the game in Toronto to some chump in a business suit and it covers a large chunk of my season ticket costs.

Keep the CFL in Canada and keep the NFL in America. :thup: