Are the Bills for real at 3-0?

Pulled one out late agains't the Raiders last week. I guess they'll make a lot of iffy Argo fans forget the dismal Argos this year when they play the Fish in December, if the Argos do in fact miss the playoffs and don't do much from hereon in.

Damn straight they are. So far I have already won 45 beer and a mickey of rye (I'm in a beer pool) beacuse of them.

They do have a pretty easy schedule though. Should be in the playoffs.

Real or not, you have to give them credit for knocking off the Jags. Crazy, crazy AFC...

…I refuse to believe the bills are real…I haven’t seen them in person and faith is a valuable thing, you just shouldn’t use faith up on something as lame as an NFL team from northern New York state…so until I happen to be caught by accident in Buffalo NY (Which I also do not think is real) and by chance wander into the very fake Ralph Wilson stadium and come across this suppsoed team that pretended to go to FOUR superbowls in a row without winning even one I can’t even for a second think they exist…even then I will probably rub my eyes and blink, but then again I won’t have to because they won’t be there…

I hope the Bills go undefeated all season!!!
It’ll make the 30 K who pay at Rogers Dome in December make Ted Rodgers look like a bigger idiot then he all ready is!!!

Blin, if this game has any playoff implications, it'll be sold-out easily. Now that's a far cry from the 8 game package they had to reduce to a 3 game package they had to reduce to selling individual game tickets but still.

R&W, did the sun come up this morning where you are? Just curious. Hey, Halloween is just around the corner as well. :wink:

Bills play thye rams this they'll likely be 4-0....then all they have to do is go 6-6 down the stretch to finish 10-6 which will likely mean a playoff spot...especially with the way the AFC is looking

i cant see them doing to much in the post-season though just because they are so young and i think Marcus Stroud and Mathias Kiwanuka are the only starters on the team with playoff experience

oops, my bad, i meant Kawika Mitchell not Mathais Kiwanuka. Kiwanuka is on the giants


Like the Lions last season. Kitna says they'll win 10 games. They start 6-2, and everyone's talking. Then they finish 1-7. Whooo!