Are the ARGOS the best team in the CFL?

B.C.'s coach MIKE BENEVIDE says he thinks so.

I didn't write this article :smiley:

The ordinal title of this article in print was


This article should get some people talking. :twisted:

Yup, Just like the Leafs are the best team in hockey and the Jays are the best team in Baseball. LMAO ! Wait until Monday !!

I think that the B.C. coach is just playing head games. :smiley:

Who has said that the LEAFS and JAYS were the best in their sports?

It was the B.C. coach who said it , not any one from , Toronto. The article also says that Hamilton is TIED with Toronto. :wink: :lol: :twisted:

I wish that I could get the dam link right. :roll: :lol:

Not. Even. Close. They aren’t even the best team in Ontario or the East Division, let alone the whole league.

And you know that how?

Yes , Hamilton are a good team. I said that at the beginning of the season that HAMILTON and Toronto would battle for first.

However , while I am glad that Hamilton and Toronto are playing well for the good of the league , I think that some Hamilton fans , are just a bit too cocky at this point of the season.

Hamilton , got destroyed by SASK. , in their first game at home and then you could say that they got lucky in , SASK. after a horrible 19 point choke by SASK. SASK. , second choke game in a row.

Hamilton , also got beat by B.C. , which the ARGOs play this , Monday.

Remember , this article says that Toronto and Hamilton are tied for first in the East [regardless of any tie breaker] , they have the same record.
Maybe you should write to the National Post and correct them.

I didn't say that the ARGOS were the best team in the league.

The B.C. coach did and the article does show that Toronto has some pretty good defensive stats.

HAMILTON , has had a lot of point scored against them , after all.

I think he had bloodshot eyes and a mouth full of Doritos when he said this though. :wink:

Toronto is a well coached team that's rounding into form and presents huge challenges in all 3 aspects. That said, I am not sure you can say flat out that anyone is the best team in the CFL right now. Sask has been in every game, Hamilton seems to score at will, and BC could be 5-0 but for a couple of self-inflicted gunshot wounds to their collective feet against Sask and Edm.

There are several really strong clubs.....but I'm not sure who "the best" really is just yet.

Hamilton 36, Toronto 27

Argos got very lucky against Calgary, Montreal, and Winnipeg and could have lost any of those games. Argos could very well be 0-5 !!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

The ARGOS play Hamilton 3 more times and they have the same record as 4 other CFL teams , including , Hamilton.
Do you even read the article?
The question I have is why are you taking this so seriously? :lol:

But they are not 0 and 5 and they have the same record as 4 other CFL teams , including , Hamilton. :lol:

AND I never said that the ARGOS were the best team in the CFL. The B.C. coach did. I would read the article. :thup:

No the Ticats are ahead because of their win over the Argos. If the season ended today Hamilton gets first place :smiley:

BUT the season does not end today and the ARGOS play Hamilton 3 more times. :lol:

Did you read the article? NO! That doesn't surprise me , just in your case. :roll:

You knew that posting the article would get people talking (you said so in the final line of your initial post) and you knew most people would scoff at it (and I should note that everyone but you has scoffed at it). If your intention wasn't to spark discussion and dissent, why did you start a thread? Do you want to discuss why the Argos aren't the best team in the league or do you just want to throw out meaningless statements about seriousness.

And the Argos and Cats may play three more times, but since none of us own a time machine, we don't know how those games will turn out. At this point, it is nearly impossible for anyone to argue that Toronto is better than Hamilton, let alone better than Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Edmonton and BC.

But where does it say that anyone is disagreeing with YOUR opinion? The thread is titled "Are the ARGOS the best team in the CFL?" and people are answering that question. What kind of answers did you think you'd get with a title like that?

Also, nowhere did tc23 or anyone else mention you in their post. Why do you assume they are disagreeing with you or are talking to you?

Here is me NOT scoffing at this article?

" I think that the B.C. coach is just playing head games "

If you read my second post in this thread I said

" I think that the B.C. coach is just playing head games. "

Now where do I say that it is true.

I posted an article WRITTEN BY SOME ELSE , a the quotes were from the B.C. coach.

No we don’t have a time machine but your thoughts are just your opinion and they are not facts.

Did you read the bloody article?

I agree. All this talk about how this team could very well have this record and that team could very well have that record is dumb. A team is what their record is, not what fans think it should be.

As for the Argos being the best team, I doubt it. They're a good team, but it's far too early, and there's too much parity. Five teams are at 3-2 and another two are at 2-3. I think we've seen that any team can win. ...except for the Bombers, who are 1-4. :stuck_out_tongue:

All of your posts have challenged me. DID YOU READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE?

The B.C. coach is giving Toronto respect [there is merit] on what the Argos have done of late; That's the way I read and understood it in the article. Are the Argos the best team in the CFL; play the games as the season goes forward. Hamilton is playing good ball, Eskimos on Defense, but not so on Offense, Sask. plays good football, but the two game collapse comes down to maturity in a young defense so to speak/and or Richie Hall.

FINALLY , some sanity. :thup:

I don't think that the ARGOS are the best team either. A better argument can be made for SASK. , EDMONTON and B.C. :thup: