Are the Argos Nuts???

Found this posted in another forum. Have not found the original link, but if true..... What next, QB's practicing throws without footballs????


"- After Mike Vanderjagt missed three field goals, coach Rich Stubler said he believes the Argos have done Vanderjagt a disservice by not practising on a field fitted with uprights, an oversight that will be addressed. Vanderjagt made his last two kicks. - The Toronto Sun"

I learned typing on a keyboard where the letters and numbers were blacked out. In theory, a field with no posts should make it easier to hit a field goal with posts, with no posts you identify a branch on a tree in the background or whatever, something small. Then when you have posts, it looks like an acre to hit the ball through. :wink:

...and just ask the guy who tried to kick for the Wendys million.... :lol:

Last night I took a shower without water.