Are the Al's bring in the new?

It looks to me like the Al's are dumping off alot of their Vet's. Is it a changing of the gaurd?
What's going on....

That is Don Matthews for you. He is constantly looking to upgrade his team, and if he thinks he has found a better player , he will trade or release veterans, he may be a great coach but he is the biggest @$$hole in the CFL

sambo, why is a coach looking to upgrade his team an @$$hole for doing this by trading or releasing veterans? I don't get it.

Sorry, but matthews has always been an @$$hole, no matter where he has gone. He is a great coach , and is doing what any good coach would do, improve his team. I dont blame him for that, but I was giving my personal opinion of him.

Don Matthews has no human ressources skills, but that is not why he is hired. He's there to coach.

I don't blame him for releasing/trading guys if we found a better player at a position. But I do blame him for releasing players he just doesn't like. Like Barron Miles or Almondo Curry.

Sometimes I think it may be worth it for a coach to release a player if he really doesn't like them, even if they are talented. Not all the time I will add but on occasion if you don't release someone who, say, may not see eye to eye with the coach and could really mess up the team chemistry, well, you just might have more problems on your hand.

What would you rather have?
A Grey Cup with an A-hole coach
Last place and a really nice guy?

yeah earl makes sense, plus hes got lots of talent elsewhere to replace him so he can really afford it. so why not?

Actually the Popp and the Don, know what they are doing thus they have had success. This could be a combination of upgrading and salary dump. Nothing suprises me with these guys. Taman should take ( GM 101 with Popp )

yes they do know what they are doing, hence the loads of talent around them, however i see no need to bring up other GM’s in this thread.

however u are right Red, Taman isnt much of a scout when it comes to Popp, shivers or the guy in calgary, but one thing Taman does have is ways to get good proven CFL players through trades. another flaw in taman is he sets his own standard and doesnt budge. but guys like shivers dont come down with the kinds of trades taman does, i believe taman ripped of calgarys GM with the khari trade lol

Yes and no. Yes that year they did do a number but the GM was one other Matt Dunigan ( rookie). We did get the best player we gave up back and that is Lysak.

I'd rather have a Grey Cup and a nice guy as a coach....... however, last place and a a-hole is pretty tempting....