Are stats for the NFL?

you notice how the NFL seems to have a stat for everything?

they seem to care more about their stats than if their teams win or lose!

the CFL yes uses statistics too, but it's really the basic important stats

like yards, TD's, catches, runs, Sacks, INT's passes, Completions..


Would you or would you not agree that the NFL is more of a Gambling league for people.

there's so many things that you could put money down on in the NFL that you can easily make money on it!

I've always felt that the CFL had more passion for the big things, like big catches, big runs, big Scores! big come backs..

the Grey Cup!

they're a lot more concerned about the product they put on their field then which QB, taller than 6'2" who's left handed, throws the most INT's within the 20 yd line, after 10 minutes of play vs a 3-4 defense!!

Um... OK. :expressionless:

To be perfectly honest, I think the CFL should keep track of a few more stats.

Yes CFListhe best...
Stats are for the NFL.

I love stats... what else do poopy teams have to cheer about?

We've only allowed 11 TD's... not many teams can say that!

...there's not a lot of gambling that goes on in the United States, especially where sports are involved, don't know where you get this info from...

In Las Vegas RW, you can gamble on the NFL games.

there are situations where they can set up for each game of the week a format.

you can gamble on who scores the first TD.. first INT, first Field Goal, the longest Reception, run, etc.

you can gamble money on so many different stats, it's ridiculous.

there are many clubs out there that have these competitions you could say.. that everyone puts money down on numerous different prediction choices.

(see above)

just like for the Super Bowl.. they'll have a competition to see which team scores first, first Field Goal, first Interception, first Sack..

what player scores the TD who gets that INT, who makes the first Sack.

The CFL isn't much different. Look at the Safeway competition. You can win all sorts of prizes if certain things happen in the game. It may not be gambling, but it's similar.

Pretty sure he was speaking tongue-in-cheek there :wink:

ohh… :oops:

:lol: someone bit hard on the bait! :wink: