Are Sask fans blaming the wrong person for struggles?

Mr. Darian Durant seems to have no shortage of critics this week. I'm wondering if that isn't a case of treating a symptom, but ignoring the disease.

We Rider fans do have a tendency to eat our own starting QBs when things hit a bump.
I, for one, think Durant would be twice the player if he had a better Offensive Coordinator calling plays for him.

We do ok in the first half of games, but Mr. Lapolice needs to remember that other teams have D-Coordinators that are good at their jobs and, most importantly, MAKE ADJUSTMENTS AT HALF TIME.

Perhaps the Riders should try the same thing.

As for the loss to the calling, play calling, play calling. Same goes for the previous loss to the Als. We need to play to our strengths, let our best players be our best players, and give our young QB a chance to succeed. If you want a good example of this, try to remember waaaaay back when Anthony Calvillo was with Hamilton. Remember how he struggled under Don Sutherin? Remember how everyone said he wouldn't be long in the league? Calvillo found a new coach, who called games that played to his strengths, and look where he is now.

Sask won a Grey Cup by playing to Kerry Joseph's strengths on offense. Maybe Mr. Lapolice should try that method for Durant.

I think one of the most telling stats is how badly the Riders have been outscored in the 3rd and 4th quarters of games. They've been outscored 49-0 in the 3rd quarter, not even a single point. To me that screams that other teams are making adjustments at halftime on things they've seen and the Riders aren't. Overall they've been outscored 87-22 in the 2nd half of games.

With those stats in mind, it's almost impressive they're still sitting at .500

Yes, I am really starting to question our coaching. Our 2nd half points for is pathetic.

...obviously too much drinking in the first half...

Durant does not call the plays, the coaching is killing us, other teams will eat the Riders offence if they keep with these simple plays that anyone watching at home can see what the next play will be. Durant has not played the best but our offensive play calling is brutal!

...or not enough.

Likely not enough.....

Certainly the coaches need to shoulder some blame here. When a team consistently is bad in the 3rd like that, there is a problem. Personally, I think "halftime adjustments" while important, are also over rated. Offence is about execution and any play, if properly executed can and should be successful. Right now, the biggest problem seems to be the o-line. And given we have likely the least experienced line in the league at the moment (making it possibly the worst) that isn't all that surprising. I think on a few plays, DD does get happy feet. But when you see pressure and are hit on nearly every play, especially with a young QB, that isn't surprising either. But what killed us in the 3rd quarter was taking a ridiculous penalty on our first play (1st and 20) followed by allowing a sack on the next drive (2nd and 23) and I believe we followed that with a penalty (holding) on the next drive. Doesn't matter what play is called in those situations. But certainly coaching is a factor.

Beer helps coordination and timing as we all know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ask Johnny Fever....

just one problem. It's Durant that is making the bad throws.

he's the guy that puts it in the dirt when he has the guy open!

he's the guy that overthrows the receiver when it's a big gain!

he's the guy that panics when he's in the backfield and throws the Interception!

how many times in that last game alone did he screw up the throw when the receiver he was tossing it to was clearly open and it would have been the first down? and kept the drive alive?

how often did he screw up and cause the offense to go 2 and out???

You bet they are blaming the wrong peron - the whole team laid an egg on Saturday and Durant would be much more effective if we had a healthy O-line which should give us a running game. With patience Durant will be a competitive winning QB in this league with the support of the players around him. Cflisthebest seems to forget that Durant also ran for a TD, didn't throw any interceptions and almost brought the team back save for a lame 3rd down gamble late in the 4th.

no i didn't forget, it's just that what I've said above has overshadowed his TD and no INT's.

if he had completed those passes that HE Durant screwed up on, we may have not had to worry about the 3rd down Gamble that went Awry or have to worry about what to do at the end.

One person cannot be blamed for what happened vs Edmonton. Durant was ineffective, that we know. Unfortunately, Coach Miller has to have the ability to know when to keep a QB in the game, and when to pull him. We were in the game right up to the last Rider drive. For me, after Durant was unable to move the team FOUR consecutive drives, he needed to be pulled and let someone else go into the game as QB. As zbest said on the Rider thread, "A QB can learn from the sidelines, as well as on the field". We all know that the offense is going to struggle at times. There is nothing wrong with Miller saying "Darian, today isn't your day. I'm putting Jyles in now. Watch what Edmonton's D is doing. If you notice something that we can exploit, bring it to my, or Coach LaPolice's attention. If we think your idea can work, we'll put you back in".

The attitude of staying with an ineffective player, or play system is what drives fans crazy. Our staff is too good to not to notice.

yup, Durant stayed in way too long.

if Miller truly was a great coach? he would have taken our Durant for a series or two and given him the opportunity to focus and calm down and then put him back in.. many times it has worked for goaltenders in Hockey.

Did Durant play like crap in the 2nd half? Yes was this loss completely his fault? No Should he have been pulled? probably, but for who? Do you think Jyles would have won us that game? Who do we have that could be better right now? Don't say Harrell, he's not ready no matter how much you want him to be. Maybe Bell, but we don't really know.

I have said everything I care to say on the Rider forum.

That's a common misunderstanding of the Calvillo-in-Hamilton situation.
Most people forget that when Calvillo went to Montreal, he was a backup to Tracy Ham for a couple of seasons. This gave him the opportunity to learn the Canadian game -- a luxury he didn't have in Hamilton when Dunigan went down in '96 and he was expected to step right in and be the #1 guy.
Without the tutoring by one of the league's top QBs, Calvillo would not have become the player he is now.