Are Redblack owners thieves ?

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Judge ruled that the Redblack stole Duncan McDonald's work ! And they are now refusing to pay him. Incredible !

They have been doing the North vs South competition for years, long before the REDBLACKS. I remember it during Renegade games.
Why would this guy expect to get paid for his idea??
I'm sure that any fan could submit a similar idea.

McDonald was smart enough to include the addendum "protected by copyright" on his e-docs otherwise OSEG could have very well assumed ownership.

Doesn't every team do promotions like this already? Where a fan is chosen from a specific section/row/side of the field, and if they win, their section wins. Seems pretty basic.

Also, why does Jeff Hunt end every sentence with a question mark? Makes his emails hard to read? It's kind of funny though?

So if I send an unsolicited email to Apple suggesting they consider adding virtual reality functions to their iPhone then I should be compensated if they ever do? That's awesome!!! Maybe I should quit my job and just send out hundreds of spam emails everyday - and then accuse people of stealing my ideas if they ever do anything remotely close to what I suggest.

Hey General Motors, you should sell motorcycles!!! Just think, if they ever do (even for a one off promotion) I could become a millionaire. I'll send the same email to Ford, Chrysler, Porsche, VW... everyone. Like I say, if I send enough of them surely I can blackmail someone to "prove" their innocence or pay me off to avoid the bad press. Either way I make money. If they don't offer to settle right away I'll just blackmail them through the media. You know, David vs Goliath. (oops... hopefully Duncan doesn't sue me for using that term because that's what he used in his RedBlacks media blackmail piece).

This guy is a slimeball. The RB's never asked him to make a submission or proposal - and the fact he sent it via email gave the RB's absolutely no way from stopping him from sending it in. So, now the RB's have to "prove" they were already planning something like this? I hope this self proclaimed "promotions" duchebag never gets another job in the field.


As someone pointed out on Twitter, it's guys like that that make it hard for "good" fans to submit ideas or feedback. OSEG will be a bit more watchful of being accused of "stealing".

Story has it that the Redblacks names came as a result of a fan suggesting "red and black" as a name to Hunt at Grey Cup (IIRC). I know most people hate the name but still. The notion that a fan could have had that kind if input and impact is pretty cool, until the Duncan McDonalds of the world spoil it.

I find the thread question should read is small claims court run by morons . Small claims court is not run by proper judiciary .

Every promotion or sponsorship is a vacuum with no quantitative value .

You can only place value on substantive income not on whether the colours of the team should be red therefore send it off and think that the team owes you money for an idea freely given with no contract to hire said idea.

He should be proud that he may have influenced a side entertainment for the game but asking for money makes him look like the thief or fraudster . You can't claim ideas for promotions unless hired or solicited thru a promotion .

It sounds like someone in OSEG did not show up for court to contest it and therefore was won in absence of evidence to the contrary . Now they have work to do or pay him which ever is cheaper . I would not pay him though as it would send notice to every other wingnut out there that said they should have pizza at the games or play Stompin Tom's Big Joe Mufferaw .

That's the part I'm curious about. How do you assign value to two dudes spinning around a baseball bat and face-planting while trying to race to the endzone? I haven't come across too many people who say "Not really into the game, I just want to see if one of the bat-spinners takes out a cheerleader."

Cripes, I might enjoy games more if they didn't have these competitions. I should sue this guy for causing the added stress of having to put up with the announcer who yells into her mike to make the whole thing seem relevant.

Let's hope that they drop the North/South games this year.

Yah I would be okay with that ; drop the north /south side silly games .

If  OSEG want they probably could get a line up of people who would be willing to testify on their behalf how that promo was a negative not a plus .  

Others like myself would testify that sending suggestions to them thru email or fan surveys did not include an implied future financial benefit to myself if used .

people just looking for a fast buck. Hilarious that people can claim propriatary value for an idea so useless and trivial.