Are people who like the CFL more "cognitive"?

Wondering if people think CFL fans, that is fans who have been exposed a lot to the CFL and NFL, are more cognitive ie. more critical thinkers able to think multi-dimensionally, creative etc. than fans who just like the NFL? I mean, it is easy to like the NFL with the big stadiums and all the TV and media exposure and how they sell that they have the best players in the world making the big money etc. So why then do so many of us prefer the CFL? Are we more able to cut through a lot of superficial stuff and get down to the actual play, or what? Or is that we are just born and raised with the CFL in our hearts since it is a Canadian league? And why can't some who just love the NFL but don't like the CFL give the CFL the time of day? Are they too macho, are they less cognitive maybe? I don't know, any theorists out there?

As you can tell, I love this word "cognitive". I see it used a lot in academia as a catch all phrase for a lot of things going on in the noggin.

Interesting .. However I feel its a bit more simpler than that. Haters.

Anti-American sentiment in Canada has long been popular here ... In my experience many Canadians have knee-jerk like reactions to Americans and American products ... There are a lot of people that would classify this as a inferiority complex as well .. and I truly believe a large portion of this is true.

Not in all cases however ... In the case of the CFL ... Fans that ignore the talent level of the NFL and claim it to be on par with the CFL are definately victims of this. I also am of the belief that there are just haters out there as well .. People that enjoy going against the grain of popularity - despite having logic or common sense that would indicate otherwise. And i'm certain a lot of people are hypocrits as well in regards to the NFL marketing machine .. Had the CFL used the same relentless self-promotion style that the NFL has used for decades, I doubt there would be many complainers.

However, for myself .. I think that my admiration for the CFL is exactly how you said ... growing up with the sport ... a bit closer to home .. little less glossy ... Lot of friends that still play in the league .. etc. has nothing to do with the quality of play, which is quite evident in my opinion ...

Most of the opinion I hear regarding the NFL are repititious statements they have picked up from someone else - very few are an original oipinion on their dislike for the other league .. it goes both ways - most hate is fueled by ignorence. All and all - hating football because it has one more down is assinine ... generally i think these people are more closed minded and stubborn ...

its just football on the other side of the 49' paralell ... its football. I love'm both.


A lot of the rules are retention from the old codes (rugby and soccer), but the emphasis on the passing game, the fact that a defense only needs to stop an offense twice in a row to end a drive, and just some of the overall factors of the game are the reasons I think most like it better.

Have you seen some of the stuff that gets posted here

While my preference is the CFL. I do like both for different reasons.

For starters...You get to see more plays in a CFL game than an NFL game. CFL games there are roughly 160 to 185 plays per game. The NFL game produces 135 to 150 plays per game (Indianapolis tends to bring that average up!)

For an excitement level, Its the CFL specifically the kicking game (No Fair Catches) and the timing rule. In the NFL if you are up by 14 points and have the ball with 4 minutes left its pretty hard to blow a lead.

For the NFL, I've always been amazed at the power of those running backs. How they can blow through those holes and gain yardage out of nothing. Sheer power.

Its like Naval Oranges and Mandarin Oranges.... Both are oranges, but the tastes are different!

your post proves it Earl......

Interesting opinion Statik. But lets look at it from the other side of the window as well.

1st Those knee jerk reactions you speak of probably happen BECAUSE most of my countrymen are ignorant in regards to anything Canadian. As far as an inferiority complex...that can't be possible when all things american are NOT better then anyone elses in the world.

2nd I think many un-original thinkers seem to believe that american athletes are better then anyone else simply BECAUSE they get paid more, and of course cognitive thinkers know better!

3rd In regards to hypocrites...I'm sure that if the CFL could financially promote itself the way it're right, there wouldn't be many complainers because they still wouldn't be as shameless as the nfl.

I think Earl posed a good question. And since I live in the states and among people who do think one dimensionaly in most instances, then I have to agree that CFL fans quite possibly could be more cognitive thinkers.

I guess this is about what we like about the CFL.

I like the rules better than the NFL that make the game more wide open and offensive. Players are better too in that they are just like anybody else in terms of income, and to me seem more athletic. and I love on side kicks and Singles!!! best things about the Canadian game.

if it means anything, I'm a more critical thinker about things.

I think Americans are better football, not only in the NFL but in the CFL too. There is a reason for the import rule in the CFL and that is our league would be mostly American born players. Look at the top players in the league now, Allen, Dickenson, Burris, Holmes, Tucker, Stegall, Roberts, Davis, Ray, Maas, Joseph and you'll see they are mostly American players.

As far as why I like the CFL I believe it is because I grew up and learned to love the uniqueness and the quickness of it compared to the NFL. I was exposed to it for long periods of time and learned to love it quite easily. But I do love both the NFL and the CFL and college football for that matter because I love football. If I lived in America would I still watch the CFL, I don't know, I would hope I would but I'm not sure because of the exposure the CFL gets in the states. I want to be able to follow my favourite team and watch them play on tv from week to week, in the states I couldn't get that as much.

you could follow, but you would have to get Satellite or Comcast, and then pay the extra 6 bucks a mouth to get the channels.

The strategy in the NFL occurs at more of a chess-match pace and the CFL is more of race car pace with the manuevering for advantage happening while the faster play clock and quicker turnarounds are going on.

Tonnes of strategy to both, but a lot more action going on in the CFL while you are interpreting the strategy.

In addition to the faster pace. return game, etc. I think part of what I prefer about the CFL is the smaller league - I can often watch all the games on a weekend. Lets me stay familiar with all the teams and their players - can then speculate about how 2 teams will match up in an upcoming game. In the NFL, you just can't watch all the games on a weekend (mostly on one day) and come the playoffs, I hardly know some of the teams.

Yes guys and gals, I think most of us, and I repeat most of us 8) , are just quite simply brighter than people who can't appreciate and understand just how entertaining the CFL is who have been exposed to it.
I think we can pat ourselves on the back for just being smarter. And next time you meet someone who says the CFL is no good, all you have to do is look them in the face and smile.


and even then, with the rules, the game is unpredictable!!!!

I don't find the majority of CFL fans on line here to be too cognitive. Just the opposite. The CFL game has been Americanized, look at the hash marks on the field, they weren't narrow at one time which gave the teams more field to work with. Read Red Storey's book. He offers quite a few excellent suggestions, he would know, he's played and referreed the game.

could you post the link?

the Hash Marks are better now, less of a playbook to memories and the EE, the flagship team of the league, lead the charge to chage it, and I think it was for the better. We shouldn't completely abandon our Rugby roots, but we should still realize that the game is different from it and so be treated like so (heck, there is one last rugby element I wanna see eliminated from the CFL).

No I do not have a link, I have a book. Next.

So ABC, you are saying we are less cognitive in the CFL because we hav allowed our game over the years to be more Americanized? Ok, you could have a point here in that we have strayed from our roots to cater to a lot of Canadians that need the "American brand" on the CFL more to buy into it. But I guess at some point the league needs to make decisions about what will sell and what won't. Maybe the league has sold itself short over the years and should have stayed more with it's rugby roots, I don't know. This would be an excellent discussion for sure but at this point, probably all just talk as I don't see the league becoming, as it was, more rugby like because of the juggernaut of American football which it has aligned itself with, rightly or wrongly.

....I think the only thing ABC is cognitive of... is the nfl and the big glitz ...that really blinds him to the reality ...that in essence WE have a better game in Canada.....ex. last Grey Cup VS. so-called Super Bowl... :lol:

The sport has for years been going away from it's rugby roots, with or w/o American influence, but still holds on to the good roots (the scrum on 3nd and inches, No yards, on-side kicks, etc.). It also has it's own unique rules like the Single and others.

it was very sad to say the least when Reebox design new jerseys that made the CFL look like a mini NFL, but hopefully will get that originally back someday.

too right!!!