Are people talking CFL more?

Okay, not that this is overly rare, but I'm finding a lot more people, and a lot younger people, are talking about the CFL.

Generally, all we hear (especially from NFL enthusiasts) is that the core youth demographics are indifferent to the CFL. Well, last night after my hockey game, our team that's heavily weighted with players in their early to mid 20's - and comprised of about 50/50 Hamilton and Mississauga-area players -- chatted a lot about the CFL.

Some of this stemmed from the NHL bid, but much of it was general banter about next week's game. There were also some recollections of the Flutie days and the Hamilton-hosted Grey Cup.

Was kind of refreshing. And, I think these are the tiny, miniscule things that show that this league has come a long way in a relatively short time. I think everyone of us has helped contribute to that and the ownership groups in Hamilton and Toronto deserve a pretty big pat on the back.

I have to agree with you! All my friends talk about it, we are all looking forward to the season as well.

Everywhere I go, people are talking about the ticats, its a nice thing to hear. My little brother who is 12, also talks about the team with his friends. Its nice to see the youth taking an interest in the CFL!

I was in Burlington this past weekend for the Tom Cochrane concert at the music festival and wore a CFL T-Shirt with the saying Made in Canada and a CFL hat and was at the front near the stage and there were some young guys there and they gave me a high five about how the CFL is great football. Man, that was a refreshing change from what I've experienced in the past. I think the Coyotes situation with the image that the American controlled NHL is telling Canada to go shove it, this image accurate or otherwise, is having an effect. Also, more web presence and discussion boards and the Bills thing in Toronto not turning out all that well. Also maybe the border thingy with passports making young Canadians realizing they do not live in the US and actually are foreigners in the US and not Americans.

Actually, Earl, this is something I wouldn't have minded throwing in the faces of some of the Toronto people on those Bills boards -- but, have found them too aggravating to bother. Plus, I think interest in the Bills-Toronto games are so low, that there isn't even much banter about it over there.

Also...'nudder side note, We actually left the arena parking lot last week in a friendly "Arrrrrgoss/ Argos Suck" chant off between the Hammertown guys and the GTA'ers. This is stuff that just didn't used to happen.

slo, check out the Bills board now, I've mentioned to them and showed a picture of the new BC Place retractable dome and mentioned that Vancouver will be used like a wet rag like Toronto is by the NFL in the sense they will start using Vanvouver as a threat to tell their NFL cities to build new or do a major reno or else your team might move to Vancouver. I think Toronto is finally getting they have been used by the NFL and once BC Place is done, unless Toronto is building a new NFL stadium, they won't be interested. It'll be interesting if Vancouver gets sucked into the same game like Toronto did. My bet is the NFL will be all over Vancouver with all sorts of big talk since BC Place is football specific unlike the Rogers Centre. But just used as a threat in the long run like I say.

Awesome! Will check for sure!

And you said there were some YOUNG guys there? Young as in, 45 perhaps? lol

haha, funny one sig. You have a point, however when I say young I mean 23-25 year olds I would say. It was cool, these guys who didn't grow up with Tom Cochrane knew most of the words by heart for most of his hit songs. I loved it.

I too have noticed, alot more people talking about the CFL.
And I think it's just great......
More and more people that I speak to...are realizing the' big' difference between the CFL and the NFL, as well. Rather than trying to compare the two. And I think that is good...for both league's.
Two very different games. Two very different league's.

I think we are seeing the start of a resurgance in the CFL, by a lot of younger fans as well.
( long overdue ) :thup: :thup: :thup: older fans...won't be around for ever. hahaha.


Also I think more people are realizing there is real prestige in having bragging rights being the football champions of Canada with your name on the Grey Cup, something we haven't given up to American dominiated leagues like the NHL did with the Stanley Cup. Sure, the winners of the Grey Cup don't get the money the Super Bowl champs do but I think some young people are getting fed up with all this money, money, money thing and the value of something like the historic Grey Cup, non-monetary value, is becoming more apparent.

What can you say, the oldest and greatest league in the world. Long live the CFL.......

I am not too sure to answer your question.

A lot of people that I deal with, don't really follow the CFL but there is a little bit of talk about it because all it's going up against in the summer time is baseball.

The CFL is a niche sport. In eastern Canada unless you live in Hamilton, Toronto or Montreal, the rest of the province doesn't really care.

I used to work in Brantford and no one from there that I knew, watched or followed the CFL because they didn't grow up with it.

Yeah, I have a nephew in Brantford that's about 12 or 13...he didn't know anything about the Cats or the league until we were watching some game last year. And actually, he thought it was pretty awesome...forget who it was between...wanna say Sask and BC. In the times we flipped to the game, we saw a massive hit, a crazy highlight reel catch and a fight. He was pretty pumped.