Are people here voting in the STAR poll on CFL or NFL?

The CFL board has the link but nobody has posted it here. Here it is-

It's 2/3 of the way down the left hand side.

It sure is CLOSE NOW!

Nothing I'd like better than to see the Toronto Media hype Machine get sacked by their own poll! :wink:

Nope still Open
Which football do you find more interesting?

NFL 408 Votes That's 54%
CFL 340 Votes That's 45%

One more for the CFL. We're closing in now, :wink:

CFL without question

The question asks which one is more interesting. Well the NFL is pretty easy to define. All teams have players that fit a certain mold for the positions they play. The better teams have players who excel a little more than players on lesser teams. But all those players still fit a mold. To look at the physique of players in certain positions, they all look the same. I find that very boring and predictable. Much like the running game in the NFL. The CFL has players that come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. At RB, you have your diminutive Charles Roberts and your bruisers like Sarka and Lumsden. The differences in styles are far more intesting in the CFL, rather than the replica RB you get in the NFL. Then there's that little field they play on. It takes away from excitement and the ability to make exciting plays. Your less likely to know what the outcome will be in a CFL game. NFL outcomes are more predictable. CFL is much more interesting and entertaining by far. The NFL is about "hype" and marketing. Sort of like professional wrestling.

50 to 49 For the NFL

50 - 49 for the CFL
we took the lead lol

I voted for the CFL of course, but this poll means nothing to the true fan of either game.

I cannot answer the question. Both hold my interest

The poll is still up, which surprises me!

I'll bet the Toronto Star is surprised by the poll. I'm sure it's not what they expected!

If you haven't is your chance to tell the Toronto Hype Machine for the NFL that there are people who love the CFL.

Another cheap media ploy to stir the pot and perhaps drum up more interest for revenue in the GTA. Not to demean the NFL at all, because I enjoy it too, but to pit one league against the other is making too much ado about nothing.

BTW... CFL all the way!! :slight_smile:

Currently CFL is leading 52% to 47%

I just voted for the CFL. The results show that the CFL is ahead 56% to 43%. Where the other 1% is I do not know. Maybe if the 905 area comes up with the money Toronto will find the 1%.

:lol: I'm really surprised that it is still up. :roll:

This has got to be a slap in the face to the Toronto Media who "hype for the NFL's advertising dollars" every chance they get! :wink:

Cfl 57 Nfl 42 Imagine that

Half the People who say NFL is better can't even name 5 players on their supposed favourite team. They are what I call NFL Glazed. Long live the CFL

Wow.... the star won't even include the results in their list of past polls! Take a look at what's on their results page....

[i]Previous poll results

Feb. 2 With the higher dollar cutting auto prices, do you plan to buy a car this year?

Feb. 1: Are school boards too quick to declare snow days?

Jan. 31: Do you think our police need weapons like a shotgun taser?

Heres an update..

[url=] ... ic&t=24514[/url]

Can you believe that?

Yes I can. People here tries to flood the poll to make it suit their own needs and the Star threw out the double votes. Makes perfect sense

Did you even look at the results? They added a third option, and the votes have basically been doubled.