Are Milanovich & Barker All-In On The Boyd Move?

Getting rid of a star player in the middle of a season doesn't happen often but when it does it's usually an all-or-nothing move for the coach/GM.

In 2006 after five games Wally Buono released Antonio Warren who was the league leader in rushing TDs the previous year. Nobody picks up Warren and BC wins Grey Cup behind Joe Smith. Buono regarded as a genius.

In 2009 after four games Bart Andrus couldn't deal with his best receiver Arland Bruce and dumped him off to Hamilton. Argos finish 3-15 and Bruce puts up huge numbers in Hamilton. Andrus fired at the end of the season and is universally regarded as one of the worst coaches in CFL history.

In 2011 after five games Marcel Bellefeuille couldn't deal with Arland Bruce, who was coming off a 1300yd season, and dumped him off to BC. Bruce goes on to win a Grey Cup and Bellefeuille fired at the end of season and remains out of football.

Maybe getting rid of his star RB is exactly what Milanovich needs to get his high flying offensive system going. Maybe Boyd will flop in Edmonton and justify Toronto's assessment of him.

My take is that Toronto made a terrible decision to release Boyd and it's not going to do anything to get their offence on track. As an Argo fan, I hope I'm wrong and Milanovich/Barker turn out to be geniuses for the move.

Why didn't you post this in the current cory boyd thread?

Because the focus of this topic is Milanovich & Barker.

Boyd is toxic and the Argos will be better with Johnson and Durie playing more.

"JELLO" :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s pray for him.

the release of Boyd will allow the Argos to go all out in the Montreal/Toronto/West coast offense passing attack. Look for Kackert to stay tight and be Rays personal body guard as he and the Argos open up the play book and let it fly. Durie underneath, Owens long and in space, barnes in the redzone, and Inman sprinting deep opening the whole filed up for ray to pick apart the D with the extra protection that Boyd couldnt or wouldnt do and that Kackert will be happy to do to get on the field. Also look out for Riggs JR to begin to fit into the Offense as the only thing keeping himoff the roster was the commitment to give Boyd a chance to adapt which he did not do.
Swayze waters has changed the field position needed for the Argos to be kicking FG opposed to punting. Coverage teams have come togethr with Boulay joining bblack as leaders and the Argos D will begin to get the attention it deserves led by the D QB MLB McCune along with the DBs like Watkins becoming stars.
I look for the Argos to take off now that Boyd is not their to stiffle thier O.

On the other hand Boyd will thrive in Edmonton as part of a dynamic 1-2 change up slayshing and power backfield of Charle and Boyd. The only one who will be un happy will be fred stamps as the control game will move the chains 10 yards at a time

Hte to say it but it looks like a win win again

Of course they're all-in. Ownership's goal this year is to reach the Grey Cup. If they don't do that, it's a disappointing season. If they don't get close (though Winnipeg is so bad that they'll probably make the playoffs) then I don't see how Barker survives another year.

They're playing .500 ball. . .barring a complete collapse, I think Barker's safe.

I thought Barker was a terrible hire, especially after the Bart Andruss experiment, which I also called bad right from the start. Milanovich? Was a backup QB in the NFL and not even a very solid one. As OC in Montreal he never called the plays, Tressman did. I think Assistant OC in Montreal would have been a better description. Prior to that he was a QB coach in Montreal, Like he had anything to do with AC success.

I hope Argos finish strong and win the Grey Cup, but I think jury is still out on SM. I want to see more passing and less running. You can have the leading rusher on a poor team in part because he gets the ball too much. It`s kinda like having your FG kicker be the offensive leader on your team, nothing to celebrate.

Give me more passing and less running every time. Gil The Thrill Fenerty could haul in a deep pass as well as 1987 Grey Cup Argos/Esks...Renfroe hits Fenerty with a 61 yard pass, that`s the kind of guy I want

It's a Ricky Ray offense and he better be able to be the star or else it's not going to work I would say.

Gotta defend Milanovich here. No, he didn't call the plays in Montreal, but he was heavily involved in shaping our playbook, and he was also in charge of the running game. I would categorically disagree that he had nothing to do with AC's success. Part of what Trestman and Milanovich brought was Calvillo's resurgence after the 2007 season. They worked on his mechanics, changed him into a three-step-drop QB, and emphasized timing and quick release. As outsiders, it's of course hard to gauge how much each coach factors into a team or player's success, but there is no reason to think he was just a passenger. Trestman doesn't tolerate passengers.

After six games the Argos are +4 vs last season. The most improved team in the league. What is the problem ?

The Argos are +4 what?

Milanovich and Barker did no favours for the Als. They could have waited until after this week to let him go :wink:

Are you at all concerned that Toronto doesn't have the proper personnel to run the Montreal style offense? From everything I've seen Toronto lacks the receivers, the OLine and the RB to emulate Montreal's attack. Pretty significant pieces to be missing.

If Kackert is going to be the "personal bodyguard" for Ricky Ray as you say he is, that totally goes against the idea that Milanovich is going to get the RB out into space as a receiver. If Toronto needs their RB to be a "personal bodyguard" for the QB it really shows what a liability the OLine is. I stand by my original assessment of Toronto's biggest weakness being the OLine - - that's what Milanovich and Barker should gave been focused on improving.