Are Keith and Dominguez the future of our Riders?

As A hardcore Rider Fan I realize the potential of our great team but with every great team there are usually a few standouts. These standouts can either look to improve the situation they are in or try and move to a better organization that give them more money or a better chance of winning but the odd time you catch someone who is dedicated on improving the situation he is in. In football many people point to the Quarterback but not all the time. How many people mentioned Jesse Lumsden's QB's name this season? Personally I believe our standouts to be Kenton Keith and Matt Dominguez. It's my belief that these two men (along with the rest of our killer squad) will get the job done. I think they will bring the cup back to the praries and be long time Riders. Gone is the Burris Era, now is the Keith/Dominguez Era.

I agree that they are our two standouts on offence. But there is our very nice defence, with Reggie Hunt and Nate Davis, and with the addition of Terrel Jurineack, I think they will have as much say as kieth or dominguez. In addition to that I would not doubt that Keith plays 3 more years here and then makes the step down south

Billy, I agree that Keith has the talent and the desire to go down south but I hav to think that size will hold him back. I wouldn't be surprised tho if he wanted to move to a larger center in the CFL a couple years down the road as he has made complaints about the lack of entertainment in Regina. Hopefully tho he'll stick aorund, we sure can use him.

I think Kenton Keith is the best Half-Back I have ever seen play. I'm not very old but I watch a lot of games. He can block, catch and run he is the best runningback I have ever seen.

Dominguez and Keith are the future, no doubt. Dominguez is a standout receiver with speed, size, hands and great route-running skills. Keith is possibly the most explosive back in the league and will only be a greater threat with a scrambling QB like Greene at the helm who forces defenses to respect the play-action fake.

It was tough for you to lose Burris, but this team is still very dangerous. Hell, any team that can school my Alouettes like you guys did last year should be taken seriously. Look for the Riders to finish second in the West behind BC, with Kenton Keith leading the charge.

KK is the BEST RB in FOOTBALL PERIOD. holmes? lewis? thomlinson? PPSSSHHHHHH NOT EVEN CLOSE TO KK.....

and DOMINGUEZ...i lub you, you got heart, your good, you have classs.......GO RIDERS

Kenton and Matt are no doubt quality players but being the best in their respective positions in the league is of course open to debate. Fans will of course look more favorable on their favorite players. But I am convinced that the success of any strong offense is the line. Andrew Greene and Gene Makowsky and Jeremy O’Day have all been all-stars within the last two years and they are reason that this offense can beat any team in CFL. The signing of import linemen Kaufusi and Hill make the competition for jobs for the two import positions on the line very interesting. :shock:

Easily Kenton and Dominguez. Although Shiver got them here. KK is one of the premiere RB's in the leagure and BIG MATT is one of the premiere WR's in the league.

If Keith and Dominguez are, right now we're screwed. lol

Keith is overrated.

Moore and Holmes are not bad replacements. Depth is something we are fortunate to have so I guess I change my vote to Shivers and Barrett.