Are Forums are a thing of the past? - and other Geek Nostalgia killed theirs long ago died some time ago is almost not used
ESPN has shut down all their forums

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Its all twitter, instagram, and facebook groups now, I guess

Which is super lame. Having a nice looking, dedicated platform for people to share an interest has always had more appeal to me.


I agree heavily here. It goes beyond forums for me. And hey much of this sentiment now skews older given a whole younger generation Z who have never used internet forums.

I text more than almost anybody I know, for I have long hated talking on the phone for most conversations. I'll never get those hours back from all those years including even after unlimited text messages were around.

Now for sake of phone calls, I only have one friend left with whom I catch up on the phone plus family, and all parties finally text as it seemed took forever for those over a certain age.

Unlike many, I have not found the other social media to be substitutes as even after the inherent limitations of Twitter since day one, now so much has been driven by Tik Tok such that the other platforms have been copying its short video format. No thanks!

Facebook Messenger is okay, but the problem is I certainly don't want to be dealing with it all day because I already have a phone with text anyway right?

People using TikTok have behaved as if one could not have gone over to YouTube all along for their video fix.

And it's certainly not like we have not already seen and heard too many people who believe they can sing or dance who just cannot do either well.


I have never been on any social media platform until I joined this one and have no plans to be. I have only been on Facebook and Twitter if I follow a link from this forum. I spend 1-2 hours 3-4 times a year on You Tube once I have been directed there by a concert clip. All I do during that time is watch songs from concerts many years ago that I didn’t even know existed on video format. Last time I watched songs by Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, The Allman Brothers. Traffic, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Buddy Guy, JJ Cale, Tom Petty and others. Pretty cool if you have the time. But then again I’m a big reader of books and there is only time for so much.

Like you I make far less phone calls than I used to. Part of that is that the phone is my enemy at work all week. Nevertheless, I find that there is no electronic form of communication that is a substitute for the phone in certain circumstances that require speed and clarity or a personal touch, for both business and pleasure.

Unlike you I am not that big a fan of texting. Although like most people I do text a lot, it is not my preferred method of communication. Great if you’re looking for someone in a crowded restaurant or telling someone you are on your way somewhere. Particular irksome to me is the many people that send three texts for three different sentences when one paragraph would be better. My phone dings three times and then three more times two minutes later if I haven’t picked it up. What’s up with that? I also ignore my phone hours at a time most days. I think I’m a hybrid of the old and the new but to each their own.


I'd honestly prefer a Discord server to a message board, which is definitely legacy technology.

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forums aren't dead.

Reddit has just taken over the forum based platforms.


This is the only forum I converse on. I don't do Bookface or any other gossip, party-line, soap opera social media. I do not own a cell phone. THAT MAN MUST BE MAD ! HOW DOES HE SURVIVE WITHOUT A CELL ?
I've been to a few places. Hunted and fished in the north. All without a cell phone. When I leave my house I leave my phone and TV and computer and CAMERA behind. Sometimes I take my camera. A real camera. I have no idea how to text and I get along quite fine.
Hey Jon, I saw every one of those performers you mention except for Steely Dan.
I usually have three or four books on the go at once. Love reading but I nod off too frequently nowadays. Cheers


Usually? A bunch of faceless idiots get on them and there is no right opinion except their opinion.

Then they get to be no fun and everyone leaves.

There must be room for discussion and some cheering for your favourite team but when it turns to trolling and being nasty? If there are not good mods it will kill the forum.

Cheers to our Mods for keeping it fun!


i like forums and Discourse is ok. i like that it is open source. but there are better software platform options out there.


ahaha that’s why you don’t answer my texts. hell you would hate my texting - i text in those short sentence bursts you hate, just like how i post here lol. although i am not a huge emoji fan.

i am a texting fiend. i don’t do facef**k because i hate zuckerberg so much and the whole broadcast your life thing is utterly ridiculous and also stupid. but i do have an blank insta just to follow my teenage daughter. i also use snap for same reason. no actual social media profiles for me though, other than this one at the moment.

haha my last actual social media profile with photos and stuff was on an *ahem adult site :joy::exploding_head:


Facebook allows me to keep in touch with people I wouldn't otherwise interact with, particularly friends and family who live far away from me. It's useful in that way. Texting too.


This is the only social media I’ve ever been on.
Bought my first cellphone 6 months ago. I still own a little black book and like channel surfing.

And long walks on the beach.


Yeah - never touch that stuff. I have enough trouble just posting here most of the time.
I use another forum but that's mostly support for PTSD.

I got about three people I text with and my phone is on silent - not vibrate - silent, except a couple things. Not fun when you have panic attacks when your phone rings..........


My job doesn’t have a schedule. I'm on call 24/7 and I find out when I'm going to work about 90 minutes before I have to be there. So my friends need to text rather than phone because no one (myself included) knows when I will be sleeping.

I have FB to keep in touch with family and also for my car restoration groups. But twitter seems to be worse than the worst of forums, so I never bothered with it. And I'm too ugly for instagram.


I'm dating myself here, but I've been posting on this forum, or the old iteration of it where our post count didn't make it to the "new" version, since I don't know when. Maybe 2003? 2004? There used to be a lot more of the old guard. Now, not so much. But high five if you've been here since the early aughts, like me! :smiley:

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Pretty sure I started in 02 or 03.


I remember Turkeybend, cFListhebest, Earl, and yes, you, D&P, amoung others

heh ok i will date myself and my involvement with forums - back in the late 80’s and very early 90’s was a Usenet server admin for a university unix network, and also ran two localized network unix bulletin boards pre-world wide web.

i may be gay, but i know my way around the man pages :wink:

i was a command line programmer when i was a teenager and other kids were doing cool things.