Are Fans being too Complacent about our problems?

I get the feeling that the Fans of the Roughriders are too nice, We are being to complacent in regards to the problems we are having!

Let me give you an example..

Edmonton goes 2-3, the Fans are calling for the Head and Maccioca, They actually had a poll on the radio after the game and The Poll called for the Firing of their head coach! People are all up in arms over their mediocre play!

Saskatchewan goes 2-3, The fans are like "Let's give em a chance, we're only 1 game out of first! They are starting off slow!, oh its ok! we'll make the playoffs!"

Whats the difference here?

Our fans, instead of getting outraged over our continuing problems and lack of ability to win the big games, are trying to convince everyone to be nice to them, give them time.. don't be so hard on the coaches! blah blah .. what a bunch of CRAP

The Esks fans.. they're ready to rip Maccioca apart!, they don't WANT a 2-3 team!. they WANT TO WIN.. they Can't STand losing!.. they're sick of it..

THIS, My friends.. is why the Esks have 13 Grey Cups..

And WE? only have 2......

cause when it comes down to it all, The Esks do whats necessary to have a winner, while the Riders... really don't care too much.

wow, fans are afraid to talk

most of them who post on here are WAY to complacent. YES its time to push the panic button, YES its time to make coaching changes and YES its time to start holding people accountable for thier actions. NO this season isn't going to be any different than the previous couple. I'm not bashing the Riders, I'm just being a realist

The fans should have demanded to have Shivers fired years ago. Yet doubtless this guy will still have a job with the Riders 10 Grey Cupless years from now.

Okay, so all of the fans riot to make changes, so what. What does that do ? I am a Rider fan, of course i want the team to win and be a great organization. No doubt. But what does me crying and bitching about things I can’t control ever accomplish? Let’s call Carm and Rod and complain, wow that does a lot. The only thing that will produce changes is a dramatic loss of fans and ticket sales. It worked in Toronto and BC. The fans were disapointed and didn’t attend games, so the team made changes to personal and marketing. The thing with Saskatchewan is that the team knows that there will forever be fans attending games, and sell outs every year. They don’t beleive changes need to be made if 26,000 people are coming to games to watch the riders lose. If you wanna make a point and your voice heard stop going to games and cancel your season tickets.

Where was Calgary in the standings two years ago?
Where was Winnipeg?
Remember when Harold Ballard ran the Leafs? The team was a bunch of no-hopers whose home was the cellar. They stayed there because the rink was full of fans, there was no reason to change.
You want to see the Riders in the Grey Cup?
Quit going to the games.

I would like to point out that the Edmonton fans were calling for the firing of the coach not so much because they were 2-3 but because if they let a monkey call the last defensive play against the Bombers they would be 3-2 and in first place.

They clearly lost a game because the coaches called the wrong play, and it was a complete no brainer.

Notice that BC fans and Stamp fans are calling for the heads of their coaches and they both have 3 losses.

Nah, we love Wally.

Seriously though, I think your problem is more Shivers than Barrett. Back in the 80's and 90's Shivers had the magic to find talent. He has failled in the last three years to upgrade your team.

evrey one trying to get barrett fired now won't save this season. yes fans are being complacent, but there really aren't any better options right now. right now he's our best chance!

Danny Machocia might be looking for a job soon.... sorry, couldn't resist.

:lol: :lol: :lol: nice!!

We are not complacent just low expectations..i mean come on.. how many times can you get let down and still be a die hard fan expecting the best..History says so..
Edm fans expect there team to be the best and unfortunatley they are right more times than not (until last night :slight_smile: ) ..History Says so ..its called a Winning Organization