Are expectation for this club "fair game"

Since Senior started a "topic". Gave me the idea to start my own...

I'm looking at the disapointment to anger on the forums at the .500 start of this club this year and I ask myself. Is it fair to the team to be so down and quick to demand changes ? I think we have been way spoiled. The team is struggling right now to find its footing and for the most part its normal. A lot of changes, some is bad luck, some of it is just guys in a slump. But that's part of sports and I think its important to give the staff and the players the opportunity to work through these problems.

Yes they are real. Worst defense in Hamilton I can remember seeing from the post renaissance Alouettes. I am even more frustrated with the special teams problems that have plagued this team for going on 3 years.

But I have a real hard time letting it get to me. Because they've been so good for so long that they deserve some slack and get those problems resolved. I have a lot of trust in the people in place that they will put the well being of the team first and foremost. This is the biggest support fans can give them. Otherwise you can quickly fall in the same trap as the Tiger-Cats have for a decade, where your just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks.

So I invite you guys to stay positive and supportive, might need a bite guard for the next couple months but I think this team is in good hands and will make the right decisions.

I'm not frustrated by a 2-2 start. I'm frustrated by the fact that only one unit of three is functional. The other two are a mess. We beat an 0-4 Winnipeg team and then scraped together a win by the skin of our teeth, at home, against a Calgary team playing its backup QB. We were blown out and humiliated in both losses. It's not the record, it's the type of football we are playing.

We need ONE big game from the defense to turn things around on that unit. That can happen and I think it will. Some changes will happen, film does not lie. Moton will return that's another guy who could help. Bowman has only had one game. Noticed the Stamps picked up Kornegay so he's no longer a possibility, we are short one guy in the secondary IMO.

Special teams. Trestman needs to identify the problem and deal with it. I'm not advocating that he fires his assistant but maybe he needs to bring someone in as a STC. Noel Thorpe. Doug Berry. Anwar Stewart ??? If it is the players not performing he will have to talk to Jim... and make an example a game till they perform but it has to be one or the other or a combination of both and time has come. They can't evade that issue anymore because of the problems on defense. They just can't afford to.

So if we can spot the problems. I am sure they know even more. Thursday's game will reveal the character of our team IMO. If they get owned at home, then you know they've tuned out Reinebold and waived the white flag.

re ST. Seeing as this has been a challenge for the better part of 3 years now, my disappointment comes in the fact that other than changing the KR/PR almost on a weekly basis, it is providing the same results. How patient can one be with Bischoff before making a change there?!

And you are right, let's see what happens ater the Argos game. Given Milanovich is now the coach and Ray at QB, hopefully this will light a fire under some of their behinds and we see a stronger performance from the D .

Right now, the D is the key issue and you are quite right. We are 2-2 and tied for first. That may hardly seem a legitimate reason for concern.

However, the problems we are seeing with the Als right now are a continuation of the problems of last season. To be sure, we had terrible injuries, particulary with the DHs last season. We couldn't get key stops in several pivotal games that could have got us a bye and an automatic berth in the EF. This year, we are still running hot and cold and seemingly not making enough stops - period! So, if anything, I'd say things have gotten a tad worse. Exacerbating the problem is that we have two new OCs on O and D and the team is trying to learn a new system with, especially on D, new faces.

Do we have good players? Are they capable of learning the system and/or adopting a new one? Are the coaches capable of making the necessary adjustments? I believe the answers to all of those questions is YES!

However, I think there are some key issues to be addressed:

  1. Get Whitaker happy. A run game is ab-so-frackin-lutely necessary if the O is to get on track and Calvillo is to make it through the season without requiring a body cast. An effective run game will necessarily ease the all-out blitzes that have been coming from every direction.

  2. Take that the 3/4 and burn it! This is the CFL and the ball is in the air. A variety of blitz packages, therefore are absolutely necessary.

  3. Secondary - the zones are way to soft and the man-to-man is not effective. Osaisai needs to bid us Oh-bye-bye!

  4. ST - we need one! Jim Popp - time to pound the pavement, possibly NFL find a couple of KR specialists. While you're at it a ST coach - pleeeeeeeeease!

  5. Get Adrian involved. He needs to start of few games, methinks. There have been at least two games where we got off to a terrble start in the first half. I suggest that's because every OC in the land knows AC is the greatest pocket passer in the world. That is both his strength, and right now - our weakness. Added to that is he is hurting. So, strategy for opposing Ds? Get to AC early and often! A QB who is a run threat, on the other hand, together with a more effective run game will make the passing game all the more effective with either QB at the helm.

I haven't given up hope by a long shot, but some changes are needed - NOW!

For me,there is no anger but more disappointment towards the defence.

During the off-season, I wrote that I was not a fan of the 3-4 defence but accepted it; like always,I felt that the Coaches knew what they were doing/had a better knowledge of signed players than me.

Now I feel that the defensive scheme has to change; personnally, I feel/felt that we don't have the personnel for 3-4 but more for a 4-3 defence. BC went from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defence after 4 or 5 games in 2011. The Als can do it/must do it.

Ola and Bowling have been released from active roster and added to practice roster; they may still play friday but I say definitely not Ola. Ventrell Jenkins instead of him.


Baby steps. Let's see if this defense can hold Toronto to fewer than 30 points. Then let's see if we can stop making opposing QBs look like the reincarnation of Doug Flutie.

There has been nothing so far to indicate that this defense is capable of having a big game.

Special teams. Trestman needs to identify the problem and deal with it.
He's had over two years to identify the problem and deal with it. Yet we seem to get worse on ST, not better. If he doesn't know what the problem is by now -- Bischoff as coach and a non-punter trying to be a punter -- then he never will.
I'm not advocating that he fires his assistant but maybe he needs to bring someone in as a STC. Noel Thorpe. Doug Berry. Anwar Stewart ???
Bringing in one of those guys amounts to firing Bischoff from the position of ST coordinator. Going from a coordinator to position coach / admin assistant would likely be a significant drop in salary for Bischoff too.
They can't evade that issue anymore because of the problems on defense. They just can't afford to.
That was true in the four games this season, and for the entire 2011 season, yet Trestman still did nothing about special teams.
If they get owned at home, then you know they've tuned out Reinebold and waived the white flag.
I've picked them to win in the pool, but even a win at home, on its own, is not going to convince me that everything is fine with the team. A decisive win at home, in which the defense plays for 60 minutes, and we're on the right track. A nail-biting shootout win at home just reinforces the point that we only have one functioning unit (the offense).

As for road games? We've been blown out and embarrassed, twice. We'll see what happens. I'm not hopeful.

we're tied for first after four weeks. good enough for me. and today is my one year anniversary on this forum. thanks to the mods, you're all awesome.

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