Are elements of a winning team around ?


No Atleast not on Offence..
We don't have a #1 WR
a Good OL
a Good QB

I have yet to see these guy out on the Town as Unit. How can you Jell without Spending time outside IWS with Eachother..

Now the Defence I have seen them out.
But where also Beat up thier..

Linebacker Safety CB all Beat Up..

Every game we hear the same message from the coaches. These guys are better then they have been showing. We have to get better. We have been hearing this for over two seasons now. Change the personnel and bring in fresh new quick young spirited players. Most of these guys have been around for ages, or are rejects from other teams.

Oh, and when you do bring in some talent, by all means let them play. Seems we go with a guy at QB even when he shows nothing.