Are Changes Coming ???

8) Ron Lancaster was quoted in the Spectator over a week ago that if this team did not get this situation turned around, and quickly, he would bring in new players that can win !!! We shall see !!! Another point, if Maas is still not fully recovered from his hip pointer and groin injury, then why was he left in for the whole game, when the outcome was no longer in doubt ??? It appears that they have no confidence left in Kevin Eakin at all any more !!!!! This team is in complete shambles at this point !!!!

Eakin played great last year. looked awsome in training camp.. Mass has looked and performed great in Edmonton. this tells me the oc is garbage

This team has been a mess for the last 3 seasons...why? because Ron Lancaster has had his fingers in the pie in one way or another. He has to be fired from the organization and not aloud back in the park ever.
Apparentley Maas cannot throw a ball farther than 5 yards and the receivers cant run anyfarther. 2 points at home in 2 games is the worst ive seen in 25 years as a season ticket holder.

I sure hope there are changes coming and I hope it is to-day.
Ron Lancaster was a great coach, Manager and great mind for all phases of Football, but, Ron we all get old and should move on with our lives. Please for your sake and ours. Walk away and let a younger Ron take over.
Ron you were a great Quarterback and never wanted to be taken out of the game as I believe Jason is experiencing the same thing now. If Jason is doing bad out on the field PUT KEVIN IN. IF JASON IS HURT PUT KEVIN IN. I would rather see both of them do something weather it be bad or good than not know what one or the other could do.
This has always been one of the things that really irks me about this team. Both these Quarterbacks are great and I would not want to lose either one of them.
Coaching weather you believe it or not is the most important job with any team. Of course if you do not have the players. "Nothiong means nothing"
We have the players we do not have the coaching. Players need direction, disipline, praise, told how bad they were ect. These guys are supposed to be grown up, Professional Football Players and not be able to stop putting 100% or 120% into there job as some of them do. We have a great Player that stays on the sidelines and should be playing. He is one of the guys that gives 120% every game he gets the chance to play.
Caretaker if you read this please, please do something.
Both the #1 and #2 Quarterbacks need playing time when one is not doing the job the other should be put in right away.
You once said I smile a lot but, do not be fooled I can still say. "YOUR FIRED"
I could go on and on but I am sure you get my meaning. I love this team with all my heart and I know they have it in them to WIN. pat_cat