Are Canadian receivers generally tougher than Americans?

I'm wondering about this. The American receivers we get are usually the sleek-footed fast guys while the Canadians are usually, not always, more inside type receivers in the league, possesion type receivers. Wondering if Canadian receivers are generally tougher? I'd say that a guy like Morreale over the years has been tough as nails and Fantuz looks like he might be like that, Rocky DiPietro another one, Ray Elgaard, wasn't he Canadian?

I think the reason we generally see tougher, "over-the-middle" receivers being Canadians is because that there are VERY few "sleek-footed fast guys" that are Canadian. And due to the ratio, it's hard to function without any Canadian receivers, so teams use Americans to fill the role of speedy deep threats, while using Canadians to fill the remaining role, of over the middle receiver.

I'm agreeing with andkon. I think it's more a case of filling roles on the team and utilizing the import ratio to the maximum.

In This Game The Import Rule Is One Of The Biggest Factors. However Another Big Influence And I Think One Of The Main Reason Most SBs Are Canadians Is The Grass Roots. Having Played Both CFL And nFL Rules One Thing I Notice Is The nFL Almost Always Has One TE And Two Running Backs. This Means That There Is No Slot Backs. Without Ever Needing To Play With A Slot Back How Can We Expect IMPs To Be Any Good At It.

Geroy Simon is about as tough a inside receiver as there is and he's American . Between him and Clermont , I would say Geroy is equally tough and willing to catch a ball in heavy traffic.

It's all situational, some american Recievers aren't the toughest but no one questions how Tough, Arland Bruce, Geroy Simon, Derek Armstrong or Milt Stegall are.

some Canadians are top quality too(Paris Jackson and Ben Cahoon come to mind as two top canadians)

Bamboo does have a point, with the import rule n American ball played with Tightends...the situation is right, for the tough Canadian slotbacks. Guys with great hands like Rocky Deipetro, Ray Elgard, Joe Poplawski,Rick House and of course our Ben Cahoon of today and all other great Canadian slotbacks I've missed...Go Canada Go

I think the game's differences make it hard to compare. Certainly NFL tightends are absolute monsters and many have very good speed, look at Crumpler, Gonzalez and the rest. That said Wide-outs in America are usually asked to run patterns that have limited contact. CFL boys have a much more diverse repertoire in their routes.

True, the game is different...hard to compare..
But I can vision Rocky or Ray doing the job in the NFL..
The boys could play...n they had size..Go CFL.

Canadians must be tougher.

Our balls are bigger than their balls. :oops: :slight_smile:

Good points guys. Not really right to generalize, for sure guys like Simon, Bruce, Armstrong and others are as tough as they come willing to catch it over the middle equally as well as Canadians are. This is another thing I like about the 12 man roster, another position and a good spot for a Canadian at the slot much of the time.

Man I'm sore from all the shovelling I had to do here in Hamilton this morning, we are getting hit bad.

why hasnt anybody mentionied Ben Cahoon..hes a tough as a rock....maybe even tougher :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Cahoon was mentioned several posts ago.

What you should have asked is , why hasn't anyone mentioned Jason Clermont who's the toughest of the lot, even more so than Cahoon .

I don't know about being tougher but I think the swift wide-outs in the CFL have a much tougher job than wide-outs in the US game. In the US a Wide-out usually runs a fly or out pattern. Once he catches the ball there's a DB on him and most step out of bounds.

In the Canadian game the wide-out runs more routes and after he catches the ball the sidelines are still 5-7 yards away. No stepping out for this guy, he takes a hit.

To make it in either league requires a "football attitude". Whether Canuck or Yank it's the attitude that makes a guy tough.

....and this is based on some sort of scientific backup?....

The question you should be asking , Red , is , on what science is kool-kat claiming Cahoon is as tough as a rock. Lets see , put Cahoon on the ground run him over with a truck now do that with a rock , which stands up better? You missed that didn't you Red ? Heck , why not ask everyone here states their opinion to back it up with science ? Wait this ... isn't science class ... why are we talking about science anyway??