Are Bombers KIDDING?

You HAVE to sign McPherson.
are they out of their mind?

just sign him.

...I don't see him as any better than what we have on our roster at present....Change for the sake of answer.. Now watch Mack announce tomorrow that we'll be bringing in AMc. :lol:

We'd better have SOME competition at that spot...we're not good enough Nero Mack still fiddling?

......tuning it up as we speak :?

you may as well bring him in. .. if he beats out the others in training camp great, you've got a starter, and if he doesn't, then you release him and you've lost nothing.

Buck we know has a great attitude to go with a body that just cannot hold up.

Elliott I still think has the tools to be a good quality starter in the CFL, but may not have the right attitude.

Brink has the right attitude, but not the skills as Elliott. .. too bad you can't meld the two. . .

Goltz is an unknown.

......Question MJ.....did McPhersen have a trip booked to Edm. for a go-round with Hervey, ...IF so, I would guess that was esks. back-up plan in case Reilly didn't work-out...The rumour about McPh signing there was off but an interview was a step toward that, if that was the case...Reilly new where he wanted to go but I think the esks. were probably shocked that he was ready to beat a path to their door, signed him and cancelled Adrians plans...IF I were McPhersens agent I would be calling up Mack for a meeting to see if there's interest...Failing that it's anyones guess where he'll land... :roll:

I"ve no idea papa if mcpherson had any dealings with Edmonton. . .

Just found this.....hfxtc has picked up an article from the Gazette he posted on on the esks. forum...It states that McPhersen had an interview with team officials in edm. slated for this wed...He was supposedly booked on a flight and was to spend three days there....Guess it's a fact, the esks. weren't taking any chances and Adrian was the back-up plan...Kind of a downer for McP. having the door shut before he got a chance...That's business i guess...I hope he catches on somewhere..He does have a lot of CFL experience... :roll:

well maybe that interview is still on, and maybe the Esks will sign him as well. . . and have McPherson, Reilly, and Nichols battle it out.

...I would think he was definitely interested in the no 1 job but after reading what the esks. brass has offered Reilly, it's highly unlikely that they don't consider him as their new starter...I don't care how the esks. try and spin this one...Reilly is their guy .....orrrrr they're going to have a lot of explaining to do, considering what they gave-up to get him...No return policy with Wally you know...Looks like Reilly is buying a house in edm. right away and is moving there...Sounds like he's firmly entrenched already...As for McPhersen, he most likely is still looking for a home anywhere.... Could be edm. but doubtful..Will Mack get a call ????guess we'll see :roll:

One thing is for sure if Winnipeg can't find a QB they aren't going to come out of a division with AC,Ray and Burris.

...totally agree....IF Mack doesn't bring in someone that'll keep this team in the race...he's done...I can't see any of our current guys filling the bill (though someone might surprise)...This could be a long year and missing the play-offs again is not an option..Over to you Mr. Mack :expressionless:

Ticats had Burris last year and we had the same four guys we have now and we still ended up with the same record. Burris had a great statistical year overall but choked in a number of key moments last year and for all his stats the TiCats were 3-7 from labour day on which matched the bombers. Hamilton's defense, a weak point, hasn't improved either and if they are to be a threat to any other team in the east that will have to change. AC is the ageless wonder, and if he doesn't show significant decline as his odomoter adds another year, I have to wonder what having to adjust to an entirely new offensive coaching staff and philosophy will have on his play. Toronto is in the best position on offense with their returning coaches and players. As far as I'm concerned, MTL/Calvillo and Ham/Burris have equal question marks as the bombers/whomever do at this point.

Sorry, but I have to step in here I don't mean to troll.But to say that the Ticats have done nothing to fix the defence which was our #1 problem last year isn't exactly true.The whole team will be affected by our off-season up to date and the certainties that lie ahead such as:

-Kent Austin named HC/GM/VP taking over for George Cortez
-Tommy Condell named OC replacing Cortez
-Orlondo Steinaur named DC replacing Casey Creehan
-Dennis McPhee named DL coach replacing Casey Creehan
-James Stanley named assistant DB coach replacing Nelson Martin
-Jeff Reinebold named STC replacing Jim Daley
-Greg Wojt N/I OL (former all-star), Simoni Lawrence LB, Jeremiah Masoli QB aquired for Nathan Kanya N/I LB (ST only guy), and Carson Rockhill N/I OL (yet to sign with any CFL team since being drafted 13th overall last year)
-James Patrick DB/S signed after being released by SSK (ball hawking safety, former all-star)
-Key players re-signed (Dave Stala N/I WR, Peter Dyakowski N/I OL, Marwan Hage N/I OL, Daryl Stephenson N/I FB)
-Currently hold the 1st overall pick in this years draft
-Have players that should or may be signing with us from previous drafts (Fredric Plesius N/I LB, Moe Petrus N/I OL, Courtney Stephens N/I DB)

Now back to the subject at hand.If the Bombers wish to pass on McPherson that works for me, i'd really like to see him as backup in Hamilton and Burris' possible successor.

Missing the playoffs may not be an option but it might be inevitable at this rate. Burke knew McPherson in Montreal so maybe there's some reason he doesn't want him in the Peg, but now that we missed Reilly, where do we go? Nero's fiddle is going to sound like Jack Benny before long (yes, I'm old enough to remember that).

....We're going to find out one thing ploen truth, and that is if Joe Mack is as cheap as Jack Benny...We need some help as well as the qb. spot...Don't like the inaction up till now or silence coming from our Bomber management...Other than the signing of Craig Dickensen, there;s not a lot to get excited about ...Maybe fa will show us something... :roll:

I'll give you Patrick as an upgrade on your defence. If Stephens comes up as expected he should be a plus. The key players resigned are on offense and would have no bearing on their D. Is Lawrence going to be an upgrade over their current LB? The coaching staff may well be an improvement, but so far most of the players will be the same. Was Hamilton's issue on D last year coaching or players? And fact is, Austin did a good job recruiting offense at Cornell, but during his tenure as HC there the D was not great. So until they can show it on the field I think its fair to question Hamilton's D.

As for McPherson as Burris' successor, with the expansion draft coming after this season that would only work if Burris is exposed in the draft or retires following the season, otherwise McPherson would be exposed to Ottawa and the GM might know a thing or two about him (maybe that works against him though). I think that it could boost his appeal to teams that have a starter in place already but have only a younger guy in line. McPherson could be a one year backup with some experience and then you expose him to Ottawa.

as far as the original question the guy who started this asked... are Bombers KIDDING? and then making 2 sentences about mcpherson.. what makes you think mcpherson is any better than what we have? because alex brink and justin goltz teamed up in the last game of 2012 and beat mcpherson and the als, dont talk to me about that was the als depth players vs the bombers starters cuz it wasnt.. it was als depth vs bombers depth and the bombers depth players and qb's prevailed.

mcpherson isnt a starter.. he probably never will be, put it this way.. burke was in montreal for a couple years, saw mcpherson day in day out, bombers arent interested... i'll tell you this, there is a reason thats for sure.

MCPHERSON is over hyped, has been for years, all he can do is run the ball, hate saying this as its insulting as it gets, but basically mcpherson is steven jyles 2.0

Point well taken Killer Is Me. I just thought it was a no brainer, no risk situation to bring him in. An injection of excitement to a team that could use it seemingly. I personally don't have a lot of optimism in the QB group there but I could be wrong. And I do feel that McPherson has a lot to offer. But you're right there is no real evidence to suggest he is an upgrade.
I guess I just want to see him get a real shot and Winnipeg seemed like the best option and least looking at it from the outside.
You raise a good point about Burke knowing him and perhaps that is telling.
Good luck to the QBs there. I don't know Golz but Brink and Elliott sure didn't seem like leadership material. Mind you there were in a bit of a gong show and things should be more settled now.
I see Elliott emerging, Brink cut, Pierce back-up and Golz in waiting as they see promise in him it appears. From what I saw last year with the see-saw between Brink and Elliott one will have to go.

what people lack is patience, most qb's sit on the bench for a year or 2 or even 3 or in mcphersons case 5 or 6 years b4 even getting a legit chance, with pierce being injured so much, elliott and brink for that matter never really had the proper development time, plus with lapo and his i dunno stupidity, im not sure either ever had a chance to succeed. What people need to realize is the really good qb's, the burris's, the calvillos, the lulays, tates, glenns, whoever u wanna name outside of ricky ray who came in year 1 and was the man, is most required significant development time, was lulay not 1-7 or even 0-7 at one point? tate was around 5 years b4 he got his real chance, calvillo well thats well known, burris sat on the bench in sask for a couple years b4 moving on to calgary, elliott and brink.. first year they were here were thrown in to the fire b4 they were even ready... they were doomed to fail the second pierce got hurt, jyles got hurt, brink got hurt then elliott played also... it was pretty crazy..

GOLTZ? who knows, he's been around a few years now, wasnt really fed to the wolves like brink and elliott were, was brought along how a qb is supposed to be brought along in this league, he's been riding the bench or reserve for a few years, got a few snaps this past year, looked pretty decent, actually won that last game vs montreal and officially scored the last td in canad inns history.. not saying goltz is gonna be a star or anything this year but.. wouldnt surprise me if does become the starter somewhere down the line.