Are Bombers happy with their 3 qbs? Or is Lemon or Bishop?

I am wondering if the Bombers have any interest in acquiring CLEO LEMON on this roster. I like Brink and Buck is the starter, GOLZ has potential.

Is there anything to suggest that the Bombers may be looking in this direction?

I dont think Lemon can add anything, and his bad attitude could hurt the team. Bombers qbs look like they get along and help each other--

....there doesn't seem to be any interest in Lemon...Bishop, with his great arm BUT horrible decision making, can stay wherever he is....I'ds rather start Goltz... :lol: ...Eliott should be back next year....I'm happy with him :wink:

I am fairly sure we've seen the last of Cleo Lemon in the CFL.

Don't know a thing about Goltz, so I won't express an opinion.

As for Elliot, I was really looking forward to seeing him this year, I thought he had a great future in this league (don't know now, depends on how he recovers from that injury).

Mind you, whenever I mentioned to Mrs MadJack during the offseason to watch for this kid because I suggested he was going to eventually become a top flight starting QB in this league, she would go on her "you are a lousy judge of talent" rant and remind me that I said the same thing about Stanley Jackson. . .

Elliot and Brink remind me of the early years of Ray and Maas in Edmonton er..............sort of least I think that is what Joe Mack is hoping for er.......someday........

there are STILL people who suggest Bishop belongs anywhere near the CFL? If a team wants a completion percentage below 50 and 2-3 turnovers, they can pick a random NCAA QB off the street - then at least there's a tiny chance he ends up being decent

I actually think Lemon would be a good backup to have minus the attitude.. but his attitude sucks, so no thanks.

Brink seems ok. I really like Elliott. So I think the Bombers will stick with what they have unless we somehow get down to Goltz on the depth chart this year.

lemon will never be here.. mack was asked by irving, a fan asked irving to ask mack if theres any interest in lemon and mack basically said. NOT A CHANCE. he said they would rather go with brink and goltz as they seem to have some upside opposed to 30 something and darn near 40 something short term bandages.

if buck goes down.. its brink time. no lemon or bishop. BRINK GOLTZ AND the PR kid summers would get on the roster.

this is all just talk tho as buck keeps on keeping on.

he's taken 2 hellacious hits this year... has got right back up... i'm not so sure i could say that about the other qb's in the league.. would glenn get back up? would ray? calvillo? durant even? burriss? jyles? lulay? maybe durant and lulay would but the other guys would probably have been carted off the field. BUCK is a warrior and those 2 hits he took, he bounced back from.. next pass, 20 yard first down to watson... dude is a tough guy regardless of what a couple really dumb ignorant "fans" think...

i think some of these "fans" are like the oscilating one i have in my room, 1 second your on this side, the next second your on the other. ENOUGH with these threads here about retreads.. they arent gonna happen. all you need to do, heck this is the internet.. find the audio of mack talking to irving b4 the game last week and you'd know the answer or better yet.. turn the radio on an hour b4 the game and listen yourself.

Do you mean the Winnipeg radio? The guys (announcers) that called Cleo Lemon Cleon Clemon not once or twice but all game? Not gonna happen here thanks anyway.

oh a rider fan.. who gives a crap what you think. SERIOUSLY.

I think the team is happy with what they have. Buck is their #1, Brink has shown significant improvement over last year. And lets not forget Elliott who is injured but still in their plans. Goltz is holding a spot as the #3 but they also have Brandon Summers on the PR. If anything it's clear that Mack isn't the type of GM who will go after a Bishop or Lemon. He prefers under the radar guys or newer names rather than retreads or other teams castoff vets. Adding Buck and Jyles were his two main moves to add vets, other than that he's pretty much avoided them.

Oh man sorry I didn't realize that you were one of those announcers :roll:

no, seriously, what did you have to do with what he was saying? he's not telling Rider fans to turn on their radios and listen to Bomber games on a Winnipeg radio station. obviously you came here solely to take a shot at the announcers rather than for any possible productive discussion - now back under the bridge with you..

yes Bowler you are right…sorry I guess I didn’t realize that I was in the Bomber forum my bad.

On the other hand I guess I could say I was just returning the [i]disrespect shown.[/i]

I will happily leave and not return here… I mean I will not return to post in here.

or better yet.. turn the radio on an hour b4 the game and listen yourself.
I guess I took that the wrong way... not sure what it means :?

I thought “our league” meant something. Guess it’s just a silly phrase.

A productive discussion would be getting rid of that type of attitude all across the board, some of us do not have TV and are forced to listen to the games on the radio. That being said I tried to listen to every teams radio coverage (I’ll usually pick the visiting teams radio). Winnipeg is definitely out in my books… I hope you don’t play Toronto again those poor guys don’t even get radio coverage as far as I can tell.

Or should I say sorry Cliller and sorry Clbowler. :rockin: