Are any CFL franchises actually profitable?

I always thought that maybe one franchise was profitable and maybe 2 or 3 broke even, but my friend tells me that an article in the CFL magazine said that NONE of the CFL teams break even? Is this true?

I remember the riders made $250k last year or the year before..

Lions are making money, I believe. From what we hear out here, Braley needs ~25,000 per game to break even, and I think we've been averaging 27,000+.

Probably a few teams achieve a profit or breakeven with most teams losing money. Historically, the CFL isn't really very lucrative. Owners need to be able to afford financial losses.

Esks made 150K last year, even winning the GC and having to buy rings.

Everyone is involved in this league because they love it!

BC is averaging exactly 30,573.

I set up a spreadsheat in Excel that I update after every game.

its become like the nhl. drastic pay changes are needed. And, or some sort of coop with the nfl. :cowboy:

I didn't know this...No wonder it's so hard to find a good owner in this league.

Thanks, so now we know, Braley is making money this year on the Leos.

Some teams make money , more will soon.

There's an article in the CFL mag I just received. It states that none of the community owned (Edm, Sask, Wpg) franchises are profitable. The Esks only made a profit last year because they owned the baseball team that was sold.

I also heard on Team 1260 that the Riders are in the top 3 for spending right now. Edmonton is not in the top 3 like many would suspect.

When the Stamps ownership took over a few years ago they didn't expect to turn a profit for 3 years. I'm not sure if that's this year or next year.

Yeah, I've heard toronto is tops in spending this season(somewhere around 4.5 million if I remember correctly), followed by the riders, and then BC at around 3.9 - 4 million.

Contrary to popular belief all CFL teams make money...especially this year with each teams TV and Sponorship revenue increased by 10% with the demise of Ottawa.

Edmonton is highly profitable, but they just spend all their profits. Being community owned if they become too profitable they would be obligated to lower ticket prices. The Esks have $10+ mil in their contingency fund.

Calgary with consistent 30k+ crowds is certainly profitable or they wouldn't of just sold for $6+ million.

BC's owner said he made a couple of million profit last year hosting the GC. The Lions will make money this year again with 30k+ avg crowds.

Sask has the highest income and largest budget in the CFL. They announced a small profit last year, but are community owned and will spend all their revenue.

Wpg has paid off their $5 million debt and will turn a profit this season hosting the GC.

Tor is averaging near 30k fans and has an improved stadium lease and would be profitable if they ran a tight ship.

Hamilton has been near sellouts all season and the Cats have the best stadium lease in the CFL. They could make money, especially if they raise ticket prices a bit.

Mtl has a small stadium but is always soldout with the highest ticket prices in the league. They also have tremendous sponorship deals. Many claim they make money despite their protestations and demands of stadium expansion.

TSN has just said that advertising revenue for the CFL has increased over 300% over the past five years. This increase will be reflected in the next TV contract which could triple each CFL teams league TV & Sponsorhip disbursment.

Are CFL teams profitable? You bet your sweet bippy!! Or why would investors be lining up to put a team in Ottawa?? :lol:

Toronto ownership said earlier this year that they would show a small profit. They seem like straight bussines people so I believe them.

Its hard to gauge how much money these guys make with the low tv contracts and player contracts being iffy. The team that hosts the Grey Cup barely makes money, so I'm sceptical that most of the teams make money. I would guess that 3 to 5 teams a year make money and the others break even or loose money. Could be wrong but the owners arent very open about it.

You may be accurate with your 3 to 5 teams a year make money, Lotuslover.

I frankly don't think Ham, Tor, Mtl or Wpg have the potential to be overly profitable with their current stadium issues, they will probably be hovering around break-even most years (but the new TV contract should annually bring in an extra couple of million per team...also national sponorship revenue is on the upswing)

Sask & Edm both publically released their budgets which show revenues (and expenditures) in the $13 million range. Calgary is right there also, while BC has less lucrative local sponsorship and stadium deals and will be closer to break even most years.

Actually, with the thread of changing stadiums, Toronto was able to get a very good deal to stay at SkyDome.

hey guys,

Just reading through the old posts, and I discovered a reason for the “questionable give the home team the benefit of the doubt” reffing in tonight’s game. Kind of reminds me of when I read about these defunct lower hockey leagues that would tell the refs to ease up a bit on the home teams to encourage continued attendence. (as well as ownership encouraging their players to fight more)