Arctic turf at Taylor Field!

that's it!!! :lol:

Who told you he can't run again? Canada has no term limits. He can run as many times as he wants to, as long as the Liberal party is willing to nominate him.

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There is no doubt that Americans have poor geographic knowledge.

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Now Canadians are not smarter, but overall various studies have shown that we have a greater knowledge of geography than Americans and certainly we know more about the US on average than than Americans know about Canada.

I'm sure the average Canadian knows where France, Iran, Japan, Australia is. Americans can't even do that!!!

I'm very good at Geography, and might minor in it.

Big Dave...unless I'm mistaken, Canada as part of the British Commonwealth still pays something toward the upkeep of the Royal that might be thought of as a voluntary tax.

Personally, I love saying the word, but that is just because I am in radio and need to have some fun.

Someone made the point about Americans not knowing about Canada, which is very true. For some unknown reason, we as Americans are CLUELESS about what goes on outside of our own borders. Having traveled throughout Canada many times, I pride myself on having a clue about the country. Americans need to learn a thing or 200 about how to treat others. In my travels through Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, and Toronto, Canadians need to be the ones to teach the lessons.

As you can see from the above post there are some educated Americans, so I hope everyone learns to meet the person before categorizing him or her by their origin.

Welcome aboard fells.

Nope Canada does not contribute to the royal list. We do cover her expenses when she comes to Canada but then she is her as Queen of Canada, not the UK.

Wrong the Govenor General representing the Queen has a very large budget. So indirectly some of our tax dollars going to pay for the queen.

Nope I am right if you look at what the argument is, "does Canada send tax dollars to the UK".

The governer general is not in the UK and she is the representative of the Queen of Canada!

I challenge you to find anywhere were Canadian tax dollars are sent for the upkeep of the monarchy in the UK!

But the Govenor General is the Queens representive and is paid by tax dollars. The Queen does not pay for this large budget afforded to the GG. So technically speaking you are wrong but I could care less. You think what ever you wish it is a free country.
The fact that if the Monarch were removed like in Austrailia that large budget afforded the GG would not be taxed!

First of all Itis I could not care less!
Second in a way you are both right. The GG costs taxpayers money but that money does not go into the Queen's pocket, er purse!


Thanks for the welcome!! I have to add another one about us Yanks. I live in Vermont, and was talking to someone from the San Diego Padres, or some California team. Anyway, he asked me where I lived, and when I told him, he said, "Isn't that in Quebec?" DOH!!!!!

Hey Fells, we get that from Edmontonians as well you ask them where Calgary is and they look confused! Kidding great people up north of Calgary they just do not live in Edmonton. Kidding again we have lots of fun with each other. I spend a lot of time in the states and I have two family members in the forces down there. And it seems on both sides of the border we have stories. Welcome to the site and enjoy!

Rene Smith Reporting

It seems Eskimo fans want what all other CFL fans have had for years. What is that you ask?

Just allow me to clarify by quoting my original post:

We have a Governor General...she is a Canadian citizen and is appointed by a group of Canadians citizens.

It is true that she is the Queen's representative in Canada. If Canada should abandon the monarchy, she would become obsolete, and this would save Canadian taxpayers a fortune every year.

But none of this money goes to England or the Queen. And if you'll look at my original post (quoted above) you'll see that this is exactly what I said. There is no confusion or half-rights about it.

As you guys know I’m an American too, who has lived in and gone to college in Buffalo, New York, so I’ve spent some time in Hamilton and Toronto. I’ve visited Halifax and most of Nova Scotia and spent time on several visits to Vancouver and Victoria. In every case I’ve found the Canadian people to be absolutely wonderful, especially kind, thoughtful, and pretty knowledgeable about the United States. The problem with people from the US, is if they haven’t traveled extensively, they think the world revolves around the US because we are perceived to be the most powerful nation in the world. That’s why they make such stupid statements and show their lack of geographical understanding or knowledge of their northern neighbor. They aren’t totally stupid, just ignorant.
One very simple way to have basic information on any place is to purchase a guide book on an area you’re going to visit or look it up on the internet, or anyplace you can get some information on the area. Spend an hour or two reading about the place, so when you go you have some basic knowledge, and when there very politely ask questions of the people you meet who live there. People live where they do for a reason, and that would probably that they like it. If you ask nicely, anyone will be glad to help you, will educate you if you ask, and you just might make a new friend. What could be better, and it really doesn’t take alot of effort on your part.
On our first visit to San Francisco, my wife said to me, “What are we going to do in San Francisco for a whole week?” Well when we left, she then said it was a very silly remark she made, and that she could have stayed longer to see what she missed. Even we Americans can be taught things if we open our minds to learning.

I'd that artificial turf over natural any day, it's great to see one of the holy lands of the league, Tailor Field, get updated.

As for Canada and the Monarchy, I hope that like Australia, Canada becomes a republic someday.

american's Are Not Stupid, There's Just Ignorant About The World Around Them. Whereas Most Canadians Know A Lot About The States, However It's Not Really Fair To Judge Them Based On That. Most Of The Information We Get About The states Comes From The Dumdest Group Of People In Any Country Anywhere, Mass Media. Because Canadian Don't Put On Very Entertaining Television (I Can Name Many Exceptions But The Main Stream Stuff Comes From The u.S.) So While We Often Look Into Their World They Rarely See Any Of Our "Canadian Culture" Besides Hockey And Curling Which Might Be Why They Think That's All We Do.

Here's A Dumd american Storey. Me And My Uncle Were Driving A Boat Into St. Agustine. He Mentioned To Me That It Was The Oldest City In North American. I Said There's No Way That's True, What About Norse Cities And Aztec Cities, They Have To Be Older. So That Caused Us To Look It Up. We Found Out That St. Agustine Is The Oldest Contineuosly Occupied, Europien Settled City In North American. Later That Night A Guy Mentioned That He Lives In The Oldest City In North America, To Which I Said "No Its ....." His Girlfriend (Who Was Really Hot) Hit Him A Said "See And He's Not Even From This Country. So If You Read This You See There Are Dumb People On Both Sides Of The Border And Your Not One Of Them Because You've Spent The Time To Expand Your Knowledge And You Now Know What The Longest Contineuosly Occupied, Europien Settle City In North America Is.