Arctic turf at Taylor Field!

Yes, stupidity is world wide, but it seems to me from my experience and this is not US bashing, the Americans have more then their share.

That is only because you live next to them. You see them because more of them visit Canada then any other country. If Canada was next to the French or Russians or Chinese you would say the same about them. It is only noticeable because of location not because they are dumber then you or me.

okay okay I got one.........many moons ago I was down in Miami, we stayed at the Holiday Inn.......the bell hop was a great guy.......could get you absolutely anything you wanted.......we started talking and it turns out he was a local and had never been outside the state of we tried to explain where Winnipeg was......he knew Canada was up north but not much we started working backwards.....North Dakota, nope......Minnesota nope, okay lets try some cities.......Chicago, that point we gave up and he got us some real ard grassssssseeseee

Don't judge a country based on a bell hop at a holiday Inn. LOL. Seriously, everyone knows Winnipeg is just southeast of Yellowknife.

I know that is true Whois and that deep down you are very correct, but seriously, how many 12 year olds from Sask wouldn't know where Montana was?

......yes I agree with this statement and there are dumb people both sides of the border but you also need to account for the issue of population size.....the US has 10x the population and all things being equal (education, standard of living, etc.) it goes to reason that the US will have 10x the actual amount of dumb and dumbers than Canada will......'s an interesting tidbit our N.A. population increases statistics show not very bright people are having many kids and having them earlier, allowing for those poor kids to grow up int eh trailer park and have many kids of their own.......whereas higher educated folks are waiting for a long time to have kids and when they do they pop out one, maybe as time rolls on the N.A. society is increasing its dumb to smart ratio by exponential leaps and bounds......

R&W, can you please repeat that, I might be one of those dumb trailer parkers as you say, the way I'm feeling today at any rate.

If you like weird place names, how about Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

Yes, the exclamations points are in the name.

[url=!_Ha!,_Quebec] ... a!,_Quebec[/url]

Actually the US government took a poll a few years back to find the worlds dumbest people. It turns out that the dumbest people live on a small island in the south Pacific called shiffer.

Actually it is from them that we get the expression
Shiffer brains!

how about the town that has the longest name, I believe it's in Scotland, and I cannot spell it :lol:

and Bangkok is pretty funny, when you know what it stands for, which is the shorten version of a name about a list long!

Agreed. As much as I love Canada, I really cringe when Canadians think themselves as being so intellegtually supperior to Americans. I can't stand the Rick Mercer show. If an Amererican Rick Mercer came here I'm convinced he'd have similar results. As a mattter of fact, we had a local media person a while back who toured Canada asking people on the street basic questions about Saskatchewan, with very interesting results. In victoria (and I'm not picking on Victoria, I just happened to remember this show) I was shocked that many people were not able to answer questions such as what the capital city is, what the main industries are,etc. And that's about our own country! Do you think the average Canadian can tell you who the leader of Costa Rica is? Or how about Honduras? Yet we expect all Americans to know all about us.

Ok I didn't mean to start a rant here, Im done.

Don’t forget, Canadians voted in Jean Chretien 3 times in a row, and if he was able to run again, he might make it 4!

I guess you are unaware of the Ed the sock incident in Quebec city?

.....I'm pretty sure that for every American that signed the petition to ban the Saskatchewan Seal Hunt there were ten that looked Mercer in the eye and said 'there are no seals in Saskatchewan'.....they were the ones that didn't make the final cut....

Of course. But ya gotta admit it was priceless when he got Governor George W Bush to say he was looking forward to working with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Poutin

....absolutely, when you can corner a person that SHOULD know better that is priceless.....

I agree with you to a point. We get a lot of info about America and Americans, from TV, the net, etc. Schools in the states teach primarily American history. It is one of the reasons why the average American knows so little about us Canadians. I must admit though , I dont know who the leaders of Costa Rica or Houndouras are, but many Americans coudnt tell you who the PM of this country is, or who their own President is! I find a lot of Americans dont care about knowing who we are, and even ones that I talk to online dont know much about Canada. Instead of ridiculing them, I try to educate them about my country. It is the only way for us to understand one another, and keep a good friendship strong.

And I don't disagree with you one bit. I just feel uneasy when we flaunt our intellect. Let's face it, we've been raised to be anti-American. That'd be fine if we were were a perfect society. But unfortunately we're a far cry from that. We have our share of skeletons.

No I dont think we have been raised to be antiamerican Its just that over the last few years they have had the You're with us or Against us attitude. In my opinion you dont have to agree all the time yet still be with someone

You're thinking of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch in Wales. It means "The church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave". It claims to be the city with the longest name.

There are dumb Canadians, dumb Americans, smart Canadians and smart Americans. But a guy I used to work with went to university in Chicago, and kept going on and on about how "stupid" Americans are. That's him talking, not me. I mentioned once before that I argued with an American who claimed to have a masters degree in history, but believed that the US won the War of 1812, and said Canada is inferior because we still pay taxes to England. He argued with me about that!

It's not just Rick Mercer. You ever watch Jay Leno interviewing people on the streets? These people exhibit a total lack of knowledge of their own country, like a high school geography teacher who thinks the US has 52 states. That's gone beyond being funny; it's not even's scary!

And don't get me started about G.W. Bush. He even admitted that he had "faulty intelligence." :lol: