Arctic turf at Taylor Field!

Ok, here's a good article about RW and playing on the "arctic turf in Saskatchewan".

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Commentary: Ricky Williams' charms have hit home with Saban

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Why is it that every American writing on any aspect of Canadian football feels the need to work in the word "Saskatchewan" somewhere? They must just love that word.

Have to admit, I love the word, very unique, not surprised Americans like using it (or Torontonians also who think it is a place somewhere out there near the planet Pluto probably)


......think of anywhere else ont eh NA continent and there's not many that have a more unusual name......many years ago I flew into San Fran Intl and passing through customs was asked for ID, I showed them a Birth Certificate that showed I was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and the guy at customs thought it was a joke....."there ain't no place called that!", he said in amazement.......

maybe they got bored of Kalamazoo



good one Esquimaux!

With him calling it arctic truf, I wonder if he thinks it’s minus 30 in July and August here and we live in igloos.

When my mom was younger she had cousins in South Dakota, who use to come down in July and bring their parkas with them.

Foxnews keeps good americans dumb about the rest of the world. Flame away.

My dad also went to Montana a few years ago (a state that actually borders Sasktachewan) and a 12 year old girl read the license plate 'Sa-skatch-ew-an' and asked "where's that dad'.

They have obviously outlawed school in that county.

Just watch Rick Mercer’s taliking to Americans…It gets better…

(With apologies to Geo who is one American that actually understands and knows something about us…)

Does anyone actually watch Rick Mercer? If he was funny then I could see the interest , But the guy is a bore. Go watch your flowers bloom, you will find them more interesting.

Some friends of mine that lived in the BC interior told me a couple of stories about american hunters.... one parked his trick on the side of a mountain and set out on foot around the mountain, he noticed a green thing sticking out of the vegetation he shot at it and hit it..... turned out he shot the box of his truck! :lol: Another hunter was stopped at the border and told the guard that he went to Canada and bagged himself a moose.... the guard looked into the back of the truck and found a horse in the back......

I like Mississagua better

As a Canadian living in the USA I can tell you a few embarassing stories about Canadians coming down here. There are stupid people everywhere, quit giving yourselves a pass in life. As a country of individuals we aren't much smarter.

What do you say we are write this loser and politely tell him he doesn't know what he is talking about;

Your right we have two examples on this site right WinniPegger and YogiA bear!

Kalamazoo? I think Walla Walla (in WA) and Cucamonga (in Cali) are more "where tf" towns/cities than Kalamazoo.

But since we're on the subject of Michigan and "arctic turf", I'd like to see a not too bright person's reaction when they drive through a certain little hamlet in Michigan during the dead of winter and actually see that Hell has frozen over.

20 years ago, there was a Game Check in Cache Creek....Couple of Americans shot what they thought was a Moose, and stopped to report their catch......It was a Mule!

Whosyourdaddy is correct though.....We've had some pretty stupid remarks and / or actions by some Canadians too.