Archived Games

Trying to re-watch the Calgary-Edmonton game from the other night...

Clicked on the link to watch. Perfectly willing to pay for it...

I live in North Carolina, but CFL/Isinc tell me I have a Canadian IP and can't access the international feed. The message says to watch TSN's archive.

TSN's tells me the games are only available in Canada, and of course I'm out of luck.

So once again, I'm trying to GIVE the CFL my money and they won't take it.

What in the world is up with this nonsense?

Whoever knows the answer isn't telling. We're as mystified by this ridiculous situation as you are.

I suspect there is some kind of contractual nonsense going on.

In the mean time there ARE ways to see the games. I watched two this weekend on line, and the feed was decent. You can find it by searching for "channelsurfing".

rp, thanks for the tip on the feeds... I have been watching live through a couple of different sources that have been coming up big for me. Have seen at least a portion of every CFL game this season :slight_smile:

What I'm talking about is watching the archived games that have already happened... I fell asleep during the Calgary-Edmonton game and wanted to watch it again. I'm willing to give the league the specified $3.95 for my early sleepiness, but the league won't even give us that right now.

Well, you probably want to pay them in $USD. :wink:

I think I might still have a few bucks on my old CIBC debit card. :smiley:

Hey Rider,

I can get the Esks-Stamps archived game on TSN here in the states, but not the Riders-Lions...someone on the board mentioned that is because of Voom having Fri night rights to those games in the States.

Thanks for the laugh!

TSN's broadband has never worked for me. Total garbage, I don't think they want it to work.

Now, I just get an error message saying its only available in Canada. I'm in Vancouver, still in Canada so far. Being that the CFL broadband is run by Rogers/CTV, I guess we have our answer.

I guess in all fairness, 8 years and 3 computers ago, I did have a Canadian IP address. Maybe the site's still trying to catch up.

Seems we wont get anything to speak of south of the border. too bad i really liked the CFL.

Don't feel too down about it. Theres a good chance people at the League office check this forum. The more American fans they see coming on looking for CFL coverage, the more likely they'll be to work a little harder at getting more games back on south of the border. Numbers speak loudly to business types, after all. So keep posting, and maybe things will be better if not this year, then more likely next season at least!