Archies Back!!

but only as a coach to teach the rookie camp for kids 6-13, thats a great idea, and what a better person to do it then our very own archie amerson who we all loved so much when he played here. im glad to see we r still using him somwhere and perhaps one day he could move up to be a receivers coach or somthing, i dont want to see archie leave this organization so good job and congrats archie :slight_smile:

-from an long time fan! have a good one

plus he's not that much bigger than those kids, so it's a good fit. 8)

I'm thrilled for Archie!

I never knew until recently just how much this team means to Archie and how much he cares about the Ticats, the city and the fans...

He really is a good guy....spirited yes....but that's ok too!

Nice move by the Ticats to get Archie back in the lair's a positive step!


big archie fan! :rockin: