Archie Amerson.....

Sorry guys....I didn't want to get active in discussions till Friday (game-day) but I really need to say this......

Whoever is blocking Archie's return really needs to hang the ego on the coat hook right now.....we are a team in turmoil right now and Archie is almost begging to get back on this team.......he's swallowed enough pride the past few weeks in front of his old team-mates to last a lifetime in the hopes he can join his Tiger-Cats again......I've chatted exstensively with him lately and he wants nothing more than to suit up in that locker room again and help this team move ahead......he's ready to go and I say......sign him up!......I'm good with Archie getting back in that locker room! We need a spark like him right now!

(my opinion only)...disagree if you will....

ps..I'm led to believe he's healthy...if he isn't then that's a different story of course.....a good medical will clarify that...

AGREE!! man and now that yeast is out, archie is just like our old terry vaughn, bring him in! i love that guy

u know if hes 100%??

archie is not able to play. he has nerve problems

If he is healthy bring him back! He has more heart then the whole team put together.

hes such a great person to have around a team, make him OC next year he could be way better than joe, plus he played Rb in the states and SB in canada so he knows when to make the right plays.

Well, at the rate we're going of "firing" one or two players a day, in 25 days we're going to have no team......

someone has to start looking at the "bigger picture" here and get this team motivated.......firing people just erodes the team spirit in my opinion.......motivate them!....they are all good, hard working people!

Bring Archie back and just watch what he can do!

Someone needs to clear up what the real story is on Archie. I have a friend who's been down to Cat practice and also seen him milling around the team.

Is he or isn't he still suffering from whatever it was that failed his physical?

Are the Cats interested in him if he is healthy?

I think that we all agree that if archie is healthy then he should be signed, but the ticat front office doesn't care what the fans have to say, because hey, what do we know right?

Why do so many people live in the past?

He's 32 and hasn't played in two years. He's done. Let it go.

Archie was great, a favourite of mine. Time to move on.

CBC:"...missed all of the 2005 Canadian Football League season with nerve damage in his left knee...

I agree with Mikey, I’ve seen Archie at the practices and he said that he is 100% ready to go. He was a spark when he returned from Toronto and he could be the spark that we need now. Archie is a Ti-Cat through and through and should be given this chance.

Just because you guys talk to former players means nothing.

Talk to me. I'll tell you I'm, eager to play and help the team. I have no attitude problem. I could be a spark for the team.


He doesn't need a chance. He's had his chances. Failed a medical. Nerve damamge is serious. Ask Joe Hagins. Archie's 32. His career is over.

And the biggest part of the picture here... who sits?

We might finally get a chance to see Cavil, we need to get the ball more to Flick and Ralph DEEP... we need to work on our gameplan with the players we have in place, not look to the past to fix our problems.

PS. I win the pool, Mikey posted by Wednesday... I will be PM'ing all involved to collect :wink:

so whathes 32 look at stegil and vaughn..

so whathes 32 look at stegil and vaughn..
Exactly. Look at them. Amazing.

By the way, both of them have played football in the last two years, two weeks, 4 days.

Ther's no future in the past, no past in the future.

Maybe Archie needs to let go of his ego...

thanks for the memories move on .

Amerson!?..Noooooooooo!he's the past,I'm tired of having 5'6",5'7"(if that)guys playing slots.
btw..he doesn't come close to either Vaughn or Stegall,he could maybe carry their water bottle..
lets look at the future..give Cavil a shot.!

I too have fond memories of a young Archie Amerson.

If Archie's nerve problem is over, and he feels that he can get the job done on the field, there is nothing wrong with Archie not wanting to pack it in. He's only 32.

Unfortunately, in situations like this, most teams play it safe
and they do not take such a player back.


You too will be 32 someday, sigpig. :o

This is one thing we agree on.. Arch should be invited back.