Arceneaux looking for CFL team

Former B.C. Lions receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux is coming back to the CFL.

Arceneaux’s agent hopes to have a deal done with a CFL team this week and there is plenty of interest.

The Lions, Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos all appear to be interested with the Lions expected to make an offer on Friday.

Arceneaux, who left the Lions in 2010 to pursue a career in the NFL, is expected to become one of the league’s highest paid receivers.

He is a talented receiver for sure...does he deserve top money...I'm borderline on that. If he'd proven himself out for the last 2 seasons, perhaps, but the guy hasn't seen action in some time. He will be an asset to any club...Likely BC, but the Lions have a lot of talent at WR, and have focused a lot of attention on NIs, so that may weigh in.

If he can still perform like I remember in 2010 he's more than welcome back to BC if you ask me. I hated to see him go.

He's looking for the biggest payday so that may be Edmonton. Although with Simon gone BC may really want him back. Its been awhile since he has proven himself...and it was a short proving ground at that. But glad to have him back in the CFL.

It sounds like Adarius Bowman won't be healthy enough to start the season for the Esks. That should free up some $ for the Esks, in addition to the fact that they aren't paying any QB on their roster starting dollars.

…I’d say that Arceneaux will be signing with the argos shortly…Wally to Barker…’ this is how much it will take to sign our nfl returnee, and you know it’s in OUR best interest to keep this guy on board, on our mutually connected teams’ lol lol Possible signing next week… :lol:

Arceneaux would be a perfect fit for the Argos. Rookie Dontrell Inman was surprisingly the first rec that Ricky Ray became very confortable with. Inman at one WR and the combo of Canadians Watt and Bradwell at the other WR position came on strong with Ray and the new offense in the ladder part of the season. Canadian Andrae Durie has made the full move for RB to Hybrid to Slot back last year and was second in receiving to only MOP Chad Owens.
That left the Argos with one whole in the receiving corp that they never quite could fill. Jason Barnes was brought in as a former esks receiver started off poorly, Injured veteran Romby Bryant was able to come in the second part of the season with success but fades as Barnes came back strong. Bryants return also coincided with the rise in play from both Watt and Bradwell at the one WR spot. Bradwell also versatile was able to play well at SB also. veteran Murice Mannwas expected to be the WR but Inman took advantage of the injured Mann nad never relingquished his spot and Mann played spotty as a WR and SB.
Arcneneaux could be the missing piece to the puzzle but at BC he thrived at the WR spot. Could he or inman make the move to the slot or could he and Inman both line up opposite at WR with Bradwell taking the lead spot in the slot if he and Watt had to move to the slot position.
Whichever way the Argos adding Arcenuex would could fill the 5th rec spot with 5 consistant receivers. He could also add a second 1,000 yard receiver to the bunch along with two future potential 1,000 yarders with both import Inman and Canadian Durie both over 800.
Barnes and Mann are currently not posted on the Argos roster but Bryant is.
Could be why Brink was released and the Argos. Brink would be entering his 6th pro football season but Trevor Harris who may have only been in the CFL for one year will be entering his 4th Pro football season and has played nearly year round since his rookie season making it to final cuts with Jacksonville in the NFL has been playing year round with the NFL and UFL in the fall while playing two years with the arena league in the spring in '11 and '12 before joining the Argos for the summer of 2012 with a lower salary. So he has more experience than people may think.
Harris is actually a bigger QB than Brink at 6'3" 235 could be affective if he goes into training camp as the short yardage QB most likely why Brink was brought in.

Former B.C. Lions receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux is back with his old CFL team.

Arceneaux agreed to a two-year, $280,000 deal with the Lions on Monday.

With incentives, the contract could be worth as much as $170,000 per season.

The Lions, Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos all showed interest in Arceneaux, who left the Lions in 2010 to pursue a career in the NFL.

Well if he can show things up like he did in 2009-2010, I'm happy he's back unless he's playing against my Eskimos!

I hope he's in the CFL for a good long time now, as he's only 26 this September.

I'm confident that his conditioning is solid given that he was trying to make many NFL teams, and I bet his hands are even better too.

Now comes the learning curve again to adjust to the routes, reads, pace, and playbook of his new offence including the timing when hitting the line on motion.

This give the Lions 4 strong and young imports in Jackson, Moore, Arceneuax, and with Courtney Taylor having his disease under control now is an NFL Calibre receiver and potential CFL all star being the best. Gore, Ianuzzi, Foster, and Paris still coming off the bench entering the game in the package of Tom Brown when at RB and 3 Canadian rec to balance the ratio.
While the kid from laval can be groomed as they work Jackson out of that spot with the Lions looking at Gore, Foster, and Ianuzzi being the three Canadian rec set when Brown is giving Harris a spell as a change up RB.
Very nicely planned out system with 7 receivers capable of starting when injury strikes one or even tow of them on either side of the Canadian or Import roster spots.

cha ching $$

For that kind of $, Arceneaux will have to be a top 3 receiver in the league this year. He's capable of it, but we'll have to wait and see if Wally made the right decision here.

Welcome back to BC, Manny! This is like waking up on christmas morning and getting that action figure you wanted so bad! haha. I'm confident he'll work out for us. If Wally feels good about it, who am I to argue? :rockin:

Well, at least it is a 2 year deal...a prove you are worth it contract.

Decent article on the CFL page today looks as if Arceneaux has an extremely positive attitude and Buono just kept in touch with him without being pushy.

By the looks of it, you all should be more excited than I would have thought initially.