Arceneaux gone?

I didn't hear it on the radio but two others I worked with said that he has gotten a few contract offers from the NFL. I hope they heard wrong, I really do. I hope we don't lose him but I got the feeling sooner or later he'll be going south.

I dont believe hes had a contract offer yet but has worked out with 5 teams.

Pretty inconsistent receiver IMO but he does fit the NFL prototype as far as size goes.

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AWFUL if true. And I mean pity the NFL team too based on what I saw last season. No way do I agree he's NFL material over Fantuz, Green, and Jamell Richardson in that order.

Most woeful were some of his drops this season as well, and no you could not blame the QB for those throws.

If Arceneaux ends up turning into some star, I'd like to see just how for that matter.

All the same there is also a shortage of quality very young receivers in the league who can be groomed and would play many more years than a guy about 27 or older.

Note that only six from this past draft class made some solid impact at WR:
Mike Williams, Bryant, Shipley, Gettis, Ford, Blair White (undrafted) in that order.

Other notable good very young receivers (not counting tight-ends) drafted since 2007:
Wallace, Bowe, Calvin Johnson, Steve Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Nicks, Maclin, Knox, Armstrong, Harvin

Note as well that only ONE of those drafted in 2010 was a 1st rounder -- Bryant.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]
Welcome to the NFL. There's a locker stall waiting for you at training camp. Or not. A signing bonus might come your way. Or not. You can tell friends you play four-down football again, but you might not hit the field for months, or at all.

The dilemma facing CFL players heading into the option-year of their contracts resurfaced Monday as NFL teams were formally allowed to sign free agents.

On form, no CFL club will be more adversely affected than the B.C. Lions, who have seen seven players leave during the last three years and could lose receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux, who has worked out for five NFL clubs. Some 21 B.C. players now have until Feb. 15 to sign NFL contracts before their rights revert to the Lions.

The exodus represents a significant crapshoot under ideal circumstances, but it is heightened considerably this year given the labour uncertainty in the league they wish to join.

The NFL is in a legal position to lock out its players March 4, and with discussions over a new collective agreement taking their usual ebb and flow, there is no guarantee a CFL player who signs a contract will have a training camp to attend this summer.

That's known as being in limbo, and to some it means the need for some financial security is greater than ever.

"More and more players are only willing to go south if they have a signing bonus," said Vancouver agent Dan Vertlieb, who brokered the deal for option-year Lions quarterback Travis Lulay and is an NFLcertified player representative with several CFL clients.

"If you are going to go into a possible lockout situation, the last thing you want to do is to sit out to get cut without something up front."

Four B.C. players -- Rolly Lumbala, Martell Mallett, Ryan Grice-Mullen and Ricky Foley -- had unsuccessful NFL bids last winter, and were part of the most unsuccessful class of CFLers since the inception of the option-year process.

A total of 18 CFL players signed NFL contracts, but only former Saskatchewan defensive lineman John Chick was still drawing a paycheque at the end of the season on the practice roster of the Indianapolis Colts. In fact, NFL teams kept more CIS graduates than option-year veterans this year, which is why the Lions don't sweat the process despite the recent rash of departures.

"What other options do [players] have? That's the million-dollar question," said Lions personnel co-ordinator Neil McEvoy.

Arceneaux, 23, who had three 100-yard games on the way to a 1,114-yard year with the Lions, has attracted interest to date from Miami, Washington, New Orleans, Minnesota and the New York Jets. He has said he wants to sign an NFL contract by the middle of this month.

Signing a standing contract extension offer with the Lions, however, would prevent Arceneaux from trying the NFL again until at least after the 2012 season under terms of the new collective agreement reached between the CFL and its players last summer.

Regular CFL work or more pay to do less in an NFL market which could be flooded by free agents is the choice. Roll the dice.

Leaving the lair

Players leaving the Lions to try the NFL in recent seasons (NFL club in brackets):

2006: Chris Wilson, DE (Washington)*

2008: Stefan Logan, KR (Pittsburgh/ Detroit); Cam Wake, DE/ LB (Miami)

2009: Rolly Lumbala, FB (Miami), Ryan Grice-Mullen, WR/KR (Miami), Ricky Foley, DE (Seattle/NY Jets); Martell Mallett, TB (Philadelphia/Cleveland).

  • -- Still in NFL

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Meh, same thing as most.. sign with a team, get cut in August/September, come back to the CFL. Arceneaux's got mad skill, but all those drops and miscues will kind of mess him up in the NFL.

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That article below was probably written just as this news was released on Tuesday:

Martell Mallett signed to the practise squad again by the Eagles before the playoffs? ... squad.html

If Mallett's smart he'll make the move back to the CFL for next season whilst he can instead of hoping to spend more time riding pine in the NFL.

Should the Eagles for whatever reason put him on the field in the playoffs when he has not played all season, well good luck with that.

NFL Calibre CFL Receivers In Order:

Fantuz, Richardson, SJ Green, Arceneaux (according to the scouts but I disagree as noted below)

Known Tryouts Or Interest So Far

Fantuz -- Steelers & Vikings

Richardson -- None

SJ Green -- Vikings

Arceneaux -- Five Teams Listed Below

Opinion Of NFL Teams Known Shopping The CFL For Best Offensive Fit Of Receiver, In Order

First I don't see how Washington needs any of these guys now in lieu of other NFL free agents.
Second I don't think it is in the interest of any of these guys to play for the NY Jets with their current players, sorry QB, and organisation with a lot money in a prime media market but a lot of trouble/drama for that ball control offence.


Fantuz -- New Orleans, Miami, Minnesota, Steelers

Jamell Richardson -- New Orleans

SJ Green -- Steelers, New Orleans, Minnesota, Miami
The NY Jets had a short look at SJ Green last season before letting him go before training camp (TC), so I doubt they would look at him again and it's not in his interest anyway.

Arceneaux -- Not NFL Material (Yet?) & Overrated In The CFL Too; If A Team Signs Him He Has To Be Developed In TC Or He Will Be Released

Here's a functioning thread on Mallett:

[url=] ... y_id=23123[/url]

Arceneaux has got to be one of the best receivers in the CFL and at 23.... only 23!!! .....................he has so many more years to develop his skills. I just wish the CFL wasn't the minor leagues for the NFL where these guys come, hone their skills in hopes of making it into the NFL. It must drive the CFL coaches nuts. I've watched some of those hyped NFL games and I've seen some CFL games that put the NFL to shame. Now......when it comes to commercials I gotta admit..... lol

Arceneaux has got to do what he's got to do. Any of us would. He is reaching for the stars and good for him. But I am secretly hoping he returns to the Lions den with his head held up high.

Just renewed our seasons tickets and have put a deposit down on the 2011 Grey Cup game!

Beagle ! You the Hound !

I'd say the Baltimore Ravens also could use a hard look at SJ Green, Fantuz, or Jamell Richardson in that order.

What the heck are they waiting for given that it appears Houshman. and Stallworth will leave with everyone else left now who makes any catches over 30 as well?

In that camp, Boldin or Mason did not show up tonight and it's time to put them behind too.

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Update on Arceneaux.

The latest on Arceneau on Sportsnet home page; has agreed to terms on a three year deal with the Vikings.

It is high wonder who will end up throwing in Minnesota next year, as the future is not with Joe Webb.

Now that Arceneaux has signed with MV...Brett will be back....

you are probably joking but..

just in case. I am sure Brett hasnt a clue who Arceneaux is and with never mind. you gotta be joshing.

Since, most likely, he will not make the Vikings roster anyway...
He should take their signing bonus and then completely tank his training camp there...
so maybe he can get himself released early enough to play the 2011 CFL season...
and he'll receive his BC contract as well !


So the worst case I guess is a "round trip double dip?" In being still new to how these moves between leagues work but watching them with high interest as you can tell, is that how it works often? What a deal for the player if that's the case! :slight_smile:

I am going under the assumption that his NFL signing bonus is guaranteed
... and I'm fairly certain that it is.

Usually these CFL guys try really hard and end up getting cut late in NFL camp-- sometime in August.
Of course, that is very late in the CFL season, so it can complicate a player's return to a CFL team.

This is why I think it's actually in Arceneaux's best interest to go into NFL camp but
intentionally sabotage his own play so he gets released much earlier in the summer.
(Keep in mind-- If he outright quits camp, he probably risks his signing bonus being voided)

Of course, a player's pride and absolute aspiration to play in the NFL obviously conflicts with this idea.


Yup he's gone, off to the Vikings. :x