Arceneaux a Lion... again

Exciting news for Lions fans! Hopefully he comes back and doesn't flop like others that have tired their trade south of the border. The question is who is shown the door now? I find it tough to believe they hang on to Arceneaux, Moore, Taylor, Jackson & Harper.

My guess is Harper. He couldn’t stay on the field with the Riders. I don’t think he beats out Arceneaux, Moore, Taylor. Though Arceneaux hasn’t played much in the last few years, if he shows anything more than just a little rust he could find himself on the sideline trying to get back onto the roster.

We’ll soon find out who stays and who goes. The coaching staff have a big task ahead of them with some tough decisions to make evaluating the receiving corps in training camp. With all these talented receivers competing for their jobs it should really elevate the quality of play on offense in the preseason. One dropped pass could be the difference between being a pro football player or a Tim Hortons cashier. It’s going to be really exciting to see it all unfold.

Add the quality Canadians they have and there isn't enough balls to go around. Wally will have to trade someone IMO.

Oops... Cut, cut, cut...

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RT .@News1130Sports #BCLions gm Wally Buono will release receiver Justin Harper who was acquired in the Geroy Simon trade. #CFL