Arceneau replaced

Looks like we picked up Peterson. Lets hope he picks up the offensive scheme quickly and then it’ll be like we never lost a top reciever.

I look at more as insurance in case Paris Jackson experiences more knee trouble and isn't good-to-go by opening day. Peterson has his own injury recover issues, so who knows how well he'll perform and how long he'll last. We have some up-and-coming non-import receivers, these vet's better watch out.

Peterson is not the replacement for Arceneaux though. Peterson is practicing as the wide side wideout in the spot vacated by O'Neil Wilson.

Arceneaux will likely be replaced by Dobson Collins - unless he plays really badly in the preseason games. I think it's his to lose right now. Nick Moore is also showing well.

Why is Emmanuel Arceneaux still showing on the Lions' roster on the CFL site when he signed for three years with the Vikings back in January?

I don't know much about the younger guys in your receiving corp as far as any more pro potential to follow solid Jackson and Simon.