Arby's Roast Beef!

Everytime I hear the name RedBlacks, it reminds me of the abbreviation RB, which sounds like Arby's.

Sort of wondering if the corporate food folks at Arby's had anything to do with naming the team in the area of subliminal persuasion to get more sales?

Gotta wonder if this store will suddenly get a lot of business before and after the Ottawa home games:

Store #2409

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I eat there once about 10 years ago. I’m sure that by the time they start playing next season the owners and fans will come up with allot more interesting nicknames than that of an American fast food chain.

Haven't seen an Arby's fast food restaurant in Ottawa in yonks! I think the RedBlacks are setting their sights a bit higher for corporate sponsorships??

There are 2 Arby's in Ottawa, and as the second largest quicky sandwich business in the U.S. (partly owned by Wendy's) it would be a blue chip sponsor, especially if it's looking to expand into the core of the city.

MIght not be a bad idea if they had a deal say if Ottawa scores so many points you get a free snadwich this would bring alot of attention to them in Ottawa and could see them grow big time in the core.

"Can't get enough of the RBs? Come on over to Arby's...!"

I'm addicted to Arby's. I think it's the horsey sauce and that red sauce stuff too.

I'd have no problem at all if the RedBlacks uniform had a picture of a Beef-N-Cheddar sandwich on their helmets instead of the white R.

I think the RedBlacks will be able to find a much better sponsor than Arby's. Give it another two or three years and we wont see anymore up here in Canada.

As I previously mentioned, I haven't seen Arby's in Ottawa in a decade... Now if we were talking Timmy's (Lots of those) :expressionless:

Neither of you think like marketers. And again, Arby's is not a small company. Just because YOU haven't seen one in Ottawa doesn't mean two don't exist. It simply means you don't go everywhere.

Oh you mean RBC (Royal Bank)... now I get it... :wink:

Arbys could perhaps have a specialty concession spot at Landsdowne Stadium. This is a modern wave of what has been happening with stadium concessions. There are the regular stadium concessions as well as local or National resturants paying to put their product into the stadiums.


Hey, maybe the music industry is part of the conspiracy! You know, RB is almost like R&B which is how some people abbreviate rhythm and blues! I wonder if record stores will suddenly find themselves busier on game days, and downloads of R&B will increase?


When I hear BC, everyone else is thinking British Columbia but I think about Beef N Cheddar sandwiches.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Tim Horton's is the type of sponsorship the RedBlacks will be looking at, especially with the stadium name. Great to see the Ti-Cats annoucing today their new Stadium will be called "Tim Hortons Field"!! So what leading local Ottawa company or brand could Ottawa come up with? The Federal government? :wink: Or other Canadian, or global brand? :smiley:

Its going to have to be a company with massive money to spend as it could be the rights for the whole complex so your looking at $50-100 million.

Maybe Minto but aren't they owned by OSEGs Shenkman
There are dozens of hi tech companies in Ottawa plus the national companies like Canadian Tire, maybe they want their name displayed at Lansdowne. And it's not just the stadium it will be the arena and that commercial area too.