Arbuckle's Rights Traded To Ottawa

All for a QB that has proven to be…serviceable.

This will be the best test in some time of the “system vs QB” question that has always lingered around CAL, at least in my mind. How will Arbuckle look in a different uniform?

BLM is the best ever (per TSN) - and yet every single QB who has played in the Hufnagel has had spectacular results. Either Huf keeps finding exceptional QBs and gets the best out of them, or any good QB can be made to look great in the CAL system.

Will Arbuckle be the next BLM, or the next Franklin?

I had no issue with the 3rd rounder, but the 1st is excessive… Or should I say… Desperate

Wonder what we could have pried out of Desjardins for Masoli? The mind races…

Well they got a couple of first rounders for Manziel, and since Masoli has fewer letters in it, perhaps he wouldn’t have been worth as much to Desjardins?

;D ;D ;D

Didn’t someone suggest we trade Masoli and get laughed at?

Not sure why this even needs to be stated, but here goes.

The significant flaw with the strategy of trading away Masoli’s rights as he neared free agency would have been as follows: he would have become a member of another team, and our coaches would have been unlikely to secure the services of their preferred combination of quarterbacks in 2020.

I didn’t think anyone would trade for Masoli when tampering is so accepted in the CFL. Leave it to Marcel to prove me wrong :P.

Don’t recall anyone getting laughed at though.

Management not being able to trade him vs not wanting to are two different things.
Clearly there’s a market for expiring contracts with the right to negotiate.

If Masoli hadn’t signed before Dec.31st on last years cap, they may well have traded his rights.

And who is to say if Evans clearly wins the #1 job in June/July,
that Masoli isn’t traded at the midpoint of the season for a kings ransom.

Whaaaaaa??? That’s heresy!

I think this was a good trade for Ottawa . They needed a proven starting QB and they got one .

My Steelers never trade . They always draft and develop . This year they traded their #1 pick in 2020

for one of the best safeties in the league, Minkah Fitzpatrick, from the Dolphins .

They decided that he was better and ready to play this year rather than a draft pick who could be a

bust . The Redblacks may have followed that same train of thought .

Sadly, the Steelers also proved that if you don’t have a good backup QB, you’re not going anywhere .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

From my reading of the 3 down article, if Arbuckle signs in Ottawa it’s basically an exchange of first round picks from this point on - so Ottawa gets the sixth pick in the first round instead of first overall. And they lose their third round pick to acquire his rights. Seems like a reasonable gamble for a guy who could be a decent qb, likely better than anyone they currently have.

Or Marcel could have signed Rocky Butler out of retirement and spared himself all this aggravation. ?

Not sure I agree with your assessment that Arbuckle is “proven”. There’s a big difference from being able to start in Calgary & being the starter on the worst team in the league. Ottawa had better give him some supporting pieces if they want to be successful.

A roster bonus for a guy that hasn't played a down in Ottawa?
I still don't understand how and why players are still being paid when there is zero revenue coming in? Are there any other businesses out there that are paying people to do nothing with no revenue coming in?

If they are contractually obligated, yes there are. Lots of businesses still must pay rent on their leased space although no revenue coming in.

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Here's a quote friom a Justin Dunk story, a year ago, when the RBs first signed Arbuckle:

"The agreement includes a $210,000 signing bonus with $420,000 and $430,000 in hard money for the deal and $470,000 total available in year one, $495,000 in year two."

It's my belief that a "signing bonus" is due upon signing and the $150,000. reported due to him on February 1, this year, would be what they refer to as a "Roster Bonus." Question: Did he receive any, or all, of the $210K? I'd think yes.


I agree he should have as it was a signing bonus whether he played a down of football or not.