Arbuckle To Elks

TORs not doing the "its a two QB league now" thing.

Arblows desperately trying to get under the cap??
Now they would only be $800K over



Great, now we're going to get flooded by blew team fans... :upside_down_face:

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Argos decide Macbeth is their guy;

Has Arbuckle's stock dropped? first the RBs dropped him; now the Argos....and this without him playing a full season as a starter ...anywhere.

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Oh yes they are, they just love Antonio Pipkin now. I'd be very worried if I had to count on Bethel-Thompson to lead my team to the promised land. I think the guy is over rated but most others love the guy. Time will tell.

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Dont get the Anti-MBT hate.
Nothing was promised or set aside for him. It was an open, honest competition and MBT won. He is was clearly the better QB. Coaches decided this.
This discussion is over.

15-yd penalty for over-noticing...

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Then I guess I'm the most Anti-McBeth that ever Anti-McBethed!!!

MBT must feel pretty good. Team was decisive once and for all and commits to him.

Its a TEAM game, pope.


At least MBT has flashes of good play. If they ever have to rely on Pipkin...

You guys need to just say what you mean instead of back-handed sarcasm. Here, I'll take a crack at a summary:

"There is no reason to worry about an injury to your starting QB, and for that reason, it is a mistake to retain an experienced backup when you could instead trade away a veteran QB in return for something that won't help us this season."

Did I get that right?

Time will tell if TOR made a smart move. Key factor is whether MBT stays healthy for them in a season when they have a good shot at going to the Grey Cup.


A very interesting trade, considering that TOR will only save, and the cost to EDM will only be, under $7,000. per game, for the rest of this season. To me, the rolling of the dice, by these two teams, in making this trade, makes more sense for the Elks.

And the Tiger Cats sit on their hands as usual and will wonder why they will never make to this years Grey Cup.

Definitely a little irritated by the lack of anything happening... As it stands we struggle to beat the Argo's if at all.. A team that last season was an absolute dumpster fire... Within one season are now ahead of us in the standings... The same can be said for mtl. Hope we land a solid OL if there's even one on the market

Do you really think obtaining a third-round draft pick in 2022 will help us get to the 2021 Grey Cup? Or are you thinking of EDM's recent actions and wishing we were more like them?


The Argos, and Montreal continue to load up. So, I stand by my comment. Tiger Cats head office has the warmest hands in the league.


Yeah but we have more 300 yard passing games.

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Toronto got nothing in this deal to load them up for a run at this year's cup. They got a neg list RB and a conditional draft pick. Those are both future assets and while valid, the Argos roster technically is actually worse today than it was yesterday. Toronto did not load up. They sold.

EDM identified a need. Went out and addressed it or at least attempted to. Is it really that unreasonable to wonder why we stand still ?

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