Arblows Schedule vrs BlueJays playoffs

MLB playoffs start Oct.6 and the Jays have a very good shot at making them.
The Arblows have 5 of their last 6 games in October booked for Rogers Center
There will obviously be a conflict with the dates as it was stated that it could take up to 48 hours to convert the field from Baseball to a Football configuration.
Could THF be in play for Arblow games in October as stated by Steve Milton?

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"If the Blue Jays make the post-season, as everyone not involved with double blue hopes, the Argos would have to search for an alternative to Rogers Centre for their games in October. You keep hearing that it could be Varsity Stadium, but more likely Tim Hortons Field. The Argonauts move into BMO Field for next season."

How come an unanticipated Argos playoff game cannot bump a scheduled Wiggles concert, but an unanticipated Blue Jays playoff game can bump a scheduled Argos game?

It must be written into the contract that Argos games rank behind absolutely everything.

While THF was being built, Hamilton had to play in smaller venues and deal with the problems associated with that.

Why can't the blew team do the same??

Because the CFL get the revenue from playoff games. Well, unless the team "buys" the game. The Blew team can't afford to buy a playoff game.

The 5 Arblow home games in October are regular season games.
It is the Jays that hopefully make the playoffs and Rogers would take great pleasure in not accommodating the Arblows

Hamilton's 2013 eastern semi final was played in Guelph.

If other teams have to deal with smaller venues, the blew team should do the same.

So they have to suffer and play their October games in Hamilton. Hamilton gets the extra rent revenue, Ticat fans can show up and jeer against the Argos, maybe a few Argo fans will show up.
Rogers will give the Argos plenty of cash as compensation, they will likely get more money from Rogers than they would have got in ticket sales.
Kind of ironic the first time this has ever happened and it's the Argos last year at BMO.

cuz one actually gets sold out and the other not even close..

anyways Tuck Foronto!

Not so sure Rogers has any financial obligation to the Argos, they have already had to play a home game at Fort Mac this season.
In the Stadium lease the Jays have priority on dates and MLB having a massive Fox Television Playoff deal(8yr-$12.4B) will not really want to change their dates for a CFL team.

From last season when the Jays were a much longer shot at post season

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"Under the Argos’ lease agreement with the Rogers Centre, which expires at the end of the 2017 CFL season, the Jays have priority in selecting dates."

Heres to the jays not making the playoffs



The MLB Procedures/Policy for MLB Playoffs determines the schedule and home field advantage for all Playoff games and Teams.
Individual Teams have no input.

It has been several years since I wrote on the ticats forum - yet I have been reading them all along. Thought I would register again and start participating rather than just reading.

Rogers does not care about the Argos nor do they care about the CFL - just watch Sportsnet - they hardly provide any coverage of the CFL highlights and videos.

I recently changed my phone app from Sportsnet Mobile to TSN Mobile (should have done that a long time ago) - I am going to try and avoid Rogers as much as possible.

I would like to see the Jays make the playoffs. They are a fun and exciting team to watch.

The blew team has been sitting on this problem for years and have little to nothing about it until just recently. Why should fans of other teams that use this facility have to pay for this team's laziness and stupidity.

If there is a scheduling conflict, let the blew team do what the Tiger cats had to do. Play in a small venue until their new stadium is ready for them.

If this hurts their bottom line, so be it. Bob took sufficient losses during his team's nomadic life and for a much longer period of time.

Well we ALL KNOW that Braley doesn't plan to lose any money on the Argos :roll: - at least not any more than he has already. Maybe the new ownership will absorb the loss. Seems that they are already putting up money to market the team as I have seen ads on Global for the upcoming home opener against the Riders. :o

Seems like a very small-minded approach you're taking. If THF is available and the Argos want/need to rent it, so be it!
As noted previously, rental income for the City, parking revenue, concessions revenue, etc, etc...

The Argos had no role in the stadium mess that forced the Ti-Cats to play in Guelph. Your vindictive attitude on this makes no sense.

8) THIRDED !!! If there is such a word.
 It amazes me that so many people hate the Argos, but suck up and cheer for the other joke Toronto teams, Leafs (laughs),
  The joke Raptors, and the jays !!

  As far as I am concerned, screw all the Toronto teams !!!
  I wouldn't cheer for any of them !!    <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: -->

So the big question is this......If indeed the Blows have to play a game or two at THF what do you figure the attendance
will be for those games ? Toronto fans don't even bother to attend and support their team in their own city. I can't imagine them being willing to drive or bus in to Hamilton to cheer on their team. I guarantee that if the Blows do have to come here to play because of the Jays that THF will only be at best maybe 1/4 full if your lucky. Attendance will be anywhere from 4,000 to perhaps 6,000 tops. I only saw a handful of Blue supporters in the stands for last nights game,certainly not like in the past at Ivor Wynne when you would see bus loads of Blow supporters coming in for the game. If people think that the CFL and the Blows are after thoughts now in the Big Smoke just wait and see how far they fall off the map if the Jays do indeed make the play-offs. All Toronto will be interested in will be the Jays and nothing but the Jays. Trust me nobody in Toronto will give a tinkers damn about football,not that they do now anyway. The Blows could play at a high school stadium for all the attention they get in that city and no one would even notice or give a crap.

When they could have moved, they let Rogers sucker them into staying and now they're being turfed.

The blew team put themselves in this mess. Let them lie in the bed that THEY made.

If that's your opinion, you're entitled to it...
In my opinion, no genuine CFL fan, nor the City of Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats would take such a ridiculous approach.