Arblows release Tyrell Sutton

Worth a look considering the current running back situation?

Wouldn’t mind that at all, but then they could call Alex Green anytime they want also

No comparison between Sutton and Green. In my opinion, Sutton is a down hill runner who runs angry. Not sure I can that about Green.

We’re still holding out for Wilder to get released. ;D

I remember watching him play at Bank of America in Charlotte for the Panthers. He was never able to crack the starting lineup, however the Panthers had a deep and strong backfield at the time.

First Montreal last year, now Toronto. Both currently below Hamilton in the standings. Have to think there is a reason he was released.

he cant sing

Bring him in, worth a try considering Earlington is out for awhile?

8)Love to see John White back in Hamilton, but he’s tearing it up with BC Lions :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I heard that the team is currently working on a special jersey for Wilder that is formfitting that is two sizes too small so he can keep showing off his wonderful abs to the world . ;D ::slight_smile: Not to worry though at “least 5 different posers…or posters” have predicted that it will be sooner than later that Wilder will be wearing Ti-Cat Black “n” Gold this season . Everybody from a Jenny to an Oskie to a bear to a Ben have all said It’s gonna happen !!! ;D ::slight_smile:

RB is a national spot - for the time being with Coombs, Irons and Bennett all ready to run the ball. Don’t think we need to take ALL of the Argos cast offs! Just the ones that are going to be solid contributors - like Van Zeyl and Coombs.
Should injuries pile up at the RB position necessitating a ratio change at the position, then they already have Marshall on the roster and I’m sure Green would be a good addition. All he did was score when he was healthy and playing last season!

This is exactly why I remained cautious about starting a Canadian at RB. A replacement is hard to find. We have Coombs, but the jury is still out on him. I would love to have Alex Green back and I would also audition Sutton.

Some of you folks looking at the Argo cast-offs are like my sister-in-law. Whenever she wants to get rid of something, it seems my wife should be obligated to take it. Doesn’t matter if we need, want it, or already have it, just the fact that she doesn’t want it anymore seems to mean that we must take it.

Sometimes throw-aways are just throw-aways? I think Sutton may possibly be worth a look, but, in my mind, he has to be much better than what we have in order to sign him. Do the names Sinkfield and Owens ring a bell?

Sinkfield was great in his first tour of duty with the cats and just didn’t get a fair shake on his second go around.

Owens was also productive for the cats before he got injured, but was justifiably in the twilight of his career.
Sink field, I believe, is still in his prime. Maybe being converted to DB in the NFL hurt his chances?

Is he a fat lady? ?

There is no money in the Kitty $$$with the cap keep dreaming boyz we are going to ride these RBacks next man up!!

Your sarcasm detector is broken. :wink:

I wouldn’t touch Wilder with a ten foot Pole.
Good Running Back but very over rated IMHO !!

Wilder sucks,
he is on the perfect team to suck,
he makes his team suck even more than they already suck. :slight_smile: