Arblows release Dontrelle Inman

@FarhanLaljiTSN: #Argos release WR Dontrelle Inman. Likely a Xmas present so he can sign early with an #NFL team. Had 4-5 workouts set up.

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#Argos release WR Dontrell Inman, not because of play, but to give him a headstart on potentially catching on with an NFL club. #CFL

A big blow to the Blows! :wink:

Inman has not hid his desire to catch on with an NFL club and it appears the Argos are willing to accommodate this by releasing him even though he was under contract for one more season.

I'm guessing Barker does not wish to have a "Chris Williams" situation on his hands as Pandora's Box is now open and cannot be shut.

Inman was going to be a free agent this February. This just gives him an extra month & a half head start.

Argos did this last season with Armand (?) although he actually DID have a season remaining on his contract. And then we wonder why Chris Williams fought so hard to get out of his obligations! At least Inman played out his contract!

I'm not sure that I agree with this practice. Seems if an NFL team is really interested, they will be willing to wait until a player becomes a free agent. It isn't as if these players are going to be added to any roster before next summer! :roll:

I stand corrected as I thought he was in the option year of his contract.

thanks for the clarification JFL.

I would guess that several NFL teams were looking at him and communicated their desire to see him to the Argos who accommodated for some other background consideration. You don't typically see a guy like Inman just get let go.

Nothing says Merry X-MAS, like, Dontrell can we talk to you ? am I getting a X-MAS bonus ? No your released !!!

It is time the CFL takes a page out of soccer's handbook. Transfer players(contracts) for cash.

Example -

Toronto's Billy Bob has a breakout rookie season with the Argo's, despite the team losing to the mighty TigerCats in the Grey Cup. Mr. Billy Bob is under contract with Toronto for the next two seasons. Atlanta has shown interest in Mr. Billy Bob and would like to acquire his skills now, TODAY. Toronto agree to handover Billy Bob's rights to Atlanta for a cool one million dollars (doctor evil voice).


This is done hundred of times throughout the year in the footy (soccer) world, and teams make great money of this...some even structure their business model around selling players for a massive profit. Just google top football transfer for some insight!

Massive revenue drive in the CFL hands, wake up gents!

Another good idea. If teams know they're going to lose players to the NFL, why not make something off of it?

I think Barker was just doing Inman a favour by releasing him. Barker's never been one to hold onto guys who didn't want to be here. He also knows he has depth at import receiver.

An Argo-Cat fan

Arash Madani, Sportsnet, reports Inman has signed with the Chargers and got a signing bonus.