Arblows release 3

The Arblows have released running back Jeremiah Johnson, wide receiver Terrell Sinkfield,
and defensive back Dwight Anderson.

Does anybody think they are clearing room for Dressler?

Sounds like a possibility. With the new CBA, is it still the case that September 1 is the last date to release vets without paying them for the season?

Not sure if that is still in effect.....but if it is,don't be surprised if we see a few Cats get released and join the
unemployment line.The roster as it stands as of today has 46 active/16 IL/4...6gm IL. That's a total of 66 players currently under contract
I won't be the least bit surprised if 3 or 4 players get their walking papers to ease up on the SMA and free up some cap space if this policy is still in effect. The 3 players released by the Blows today certainly looks like a salary dump to me
if Dressler doesn't end up back in Saskatchewan then I think he ends up in Toronto if he decides to move East.

Is that our own Dwight Anderson who started the CFL in the Hammer and the same person who insists on telling the coach off on national tv. Fairly sound defensive back, unfortunately all the problems start when he opens up his mouth. Hay Dwight your running out of teams to play about Ottawa?

far and away above what we have at CB with Stephen.(and i know i know, the ratio, but we've gotta have enough flexibility with the roster we have to throw in another import DB)

Stephen was a pretty decent Safety, the drop off from him to Neil King in the GC was pretty evident. but at CB it seems as if he's always trailing.

bring anderson back and make him supply his own mouth duct tape

8) There is no way that Dwight Anderson will be back in Hamilton, as long as Austin is coach, or actually any other sane
   coach !!

    Anderson ends up getting cut by the Argos, just 2 weeks after being acquired by them ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    The guy is an out and out head case, and this is the end of the road for him in the CFL. 
     Wouldn't touch him with a 10ft pole.

No we don't need Anderson. Stephen has played well at CB, it was only one game that he bad.

:thup: :thup: :thup: Don't need a player with attitude and a penalty taker to boot - regardless of talent! We need to cut down on penalties - not add them with a mouthpiece. Even the Riders gave up on him this season!