Arblow Yurichuk fined for knee on Banks

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#CFL has fined #Argos LB @YungYuri for unnecessary roughness against #Ticats WR @speedybanks87 last Friday.

VERY GLAD to see this!!! :thup: :thup: I was just thinking that player fines are often announced on Thursdays and hoping that we would see a fine for some really unnecessary play that was NOT flagged at the time!

Was that the knee to the stomach or the knee to the back? Obviously not one of the piling on incidents.

I'm still trying to find out if there's any way to see the video of that incident?

Just go to TSN on demand and fast forward through the game

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I remember it being about halfway through the 4th quarter, but i could be off. I saw it, and he certainly could have avoided the knee to his head.

I have the game on my computer, so if I have time later I will find the play and add a screen capture here.

I tried to record the play from the TSN Games on Demand, but the tool I was using crashed every time I tried.

If you can watch the TSN Games on Demand - requires the "right" cable subscription, I gather - the play was at 4:57 in the fourth quarter. The hit was a bit late, but it was the way he hit him, one knee to Banks' ribs and the other to his head, that probably got him the fine.

Found it. Sorry about the blurriness, but you can clearly see Yurichuk's knee on Banks' helmet:

The hit was a tad late also, and he lead with his knee.

Yurichuck could have blown out his knee on a play like that also, but it would have been karma. Just dumb all-round.

This guy is just the latest in a long long line of Arhole punks!

Finally some justice from the CFL in players who need the message that it's not okay to deliver a knee to the head, or extra shot beyond a tackle or clean hit and this should not be tolerated.

Concussions and injuries sustained in a football game are unfortunately part of the sport but for any player who has to take an extra hit, head shot or dirty hit outside the rules or boundaries of the game is pretty bad for the player and sport.


Argo’s #5 (Gabriel) should have been nailed for his antics in the Labour Day Game.

Gabriel tried to trip Underwood immediately after his TD but re, roughing, he deliberately drove his knee into a TiCat player’s (Grigsby?) helmet after the runner was down, under the pile and after the whistle had blown.

Totally uncalled for.

IIRC, he made a few other questionable plays, all unnoticed, or not followed up, by the League.

It was Sinkfield's.

Thanks CFF.

I'm still trying to view the video on TSN's site. For whatever reason, I can't watch it until I type in my "MyRogers" password. Out of the 150 passwords that various companies have asked me to create in the past few years, apparently that's one of the 145 that I don't remember.

ExPat, I have an easier solution for you. The 2015 games are on YouTube.

Hamilton Tiger Cats @ Toronto Argonauts, September 11, 2015

Actually, the incident was a knee to the ribs. He absolutely crushed banks. Flying knee straight down into the ribs, not the helmet.

In fact, it was both. But the knee to the ribs was first, and carried Yurichuk's entire weight. And given that Banks had been stretched out by the pull on his facemask, he couldn't protect himself. The knee to the head was almost incidental in comparison.

Dang Grover so excited he was fined you forgot the other 2 guys lol

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Stanley Bryant

Saskatchewan Roughrider Marshay Green

Thanks Perhaps, that's great. Here's a link to the exact play where it happened:

A few thoughts:

  1. In the decades I've been watching football, I don't recall ever hearing that sliding knee-first into someone is a legitimate tackling technique. That, plus the fact hat Banks was already down, and the way they were piling on him all night, kind of leads one to the inevitable conclusion that it was a deliberate attempt to injure.

  2. Imagine the outrage if Yurichuk had actually bumped into Banks on the sidelines instead.

  3. I haven't heard what the CFLPA thinks about someone deliberately attempting to injure one of its members.

  4. The refs on the field thought this was OK? Really? It's not like it was far removed from the play.

  5. Too bad none of our players appeared to see this incident. Someone really should have seen to it that Yurichuk would not have use of his knees for a while.